Busta Rhymes - Why He Waited 11 Years Between Albums | The Daily Social Distancing Show
Busta Rhymes talks about why he waited 11 years between albums, broaching tough topics in “Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God,” his experiences working with Kendrick Lamar and putting Michael Jackson into a new track. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BustaRhymes
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  • Linda Clayton
    Linda Clayton


  • Scott Thorn
    Scott Thorn

    Interview with Trevor and Trevor, Busta Rhymes real name is Trevor Smith Jr.

  • Liam Rhys Stark
    Liam Rhys Stark

    dear god, skype is horrible. nothing wrong with anybody's connection, just terrible format and bad audio. trevor, get a microphone that isn't attached to your computer, please.

  • Michele Carter
    Michele Carter

    Trevor.... 👀👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾.... get on a track, man!

  • Denver Hartnick
    Denver Hartnick

    Busta's voice is so intimidating even his Web Cam is scared of him

    • Cynthia Gardner
      Cynthia Gardner


  • cafemochamix

    Since Busta came out... even in Leaders I was like, ohh Charlie B, ok. Dinco D... wtf is he even talking about??? Busta Rhymes... who the HELL is this???? This dude is insane!!! Never looked back. T.I.M.E. while I was in college, I'm like yo his graduation in lyrics is whoa... then came home and he's solo and THEN that first E.L.E. was pure fire. I whammed that for MONTHS!!! This album deserved to be 11 years in the MAKING, not the waiting. This album didn't need us... he's BEEN rich, we need him to continue to be HipHop. He doesn't do it for the money. He loves HopHop the way I LIVE HipHop. Cat is easily in the top 10 best lyricists of all time!!! "HipHop is the only thing that provides jobs for people that don't even love the $hit...." ~ Busta Rhymes

  • Risper Knight
    Risper Knight

    Busta he does not grow old he is still the same guy I knew 20years ago

  • damnfunnychicken

    im a 40 y/o white german. i had to order the coming,disaster strikes and ele from overseas back then in the nineties at special stores we had here. ...well fuck me there was only one -.- but i had em and still got em (somewhere ;) - yay me \o/ rap icon

  • Yoder023

    Trever just blew Busta away with that! XD

  • Danl Hendle
    Danl Hendle

    Hey handsome

  • Amy Plica
    Amy Plica

    L O N S !!!

  • Tipping Point
    Tipping Point

    Busta rhymes voice be sounding like a mixture of sodium chloride, alkaline, iron and zinc .

  • Mr. R
    Mr. R

    Trevor interviews Trevor...

  • train diesel
    train diesel

    damn bus get a decent wifi my dude haha so much of his shit was stolen online give the man free wifi for life

  • styleemusic

    I've never heard Trevor retort back to his sa accent like this, the connection between the two kings is righteous.

  • Bonnie Jackson
    Bonnie Jackson

    Busta is GOATTTTTT. He’s on SKYPE. That’s OG gangsta AF

  • Biffalo Bull
    Biffalo Bull

    Yeah that’s a mystery I’m glad is solved Laid awake at night worried about it

  • amc

    Is it my internet which is bad?

  • CaraRowen

    Having read Trevor's book this is crazy exciting. I'm so stoked for him.

    • Hi Jayter
      Hi Jayter

      Right. A MUST read & happy 4 him.

  • MoJoe Rogue
    MoJoe Rogue

    Extinction Event? Wrath of God? Where's my Magic: The Gathering Fan-Nerds out there?! MoJoe#49986 here! @Arena lulz

  • Taryn Morvillo
    Taryn Morvillo

    Can we take a moment to recognize OF COURSE Trevor can rap! 🔥There's not a single space where he's NOT a brilliant communicator & storyteller. Awesome interview 👏

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba


  • phil5301

    He made us wait 11 years, But DAMN!!! He paid it ALLLLL back, WITH INTEREST!!! Thank you Busta!! I bought the signed CD and Merch!!! Damn!! Instant Classic ALBUM!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Aylbdr Madison
    Aylbdr Madison

    3:40 I can so relate to Bustah on this. I grew up during that time, but lived in and around the bay area thrash metal scene, and back then we didn't shy away from being informed and expressing the things we saw happening around us that were wrong. There's been too much complacency in recent years, too much focus on the money and glamour, not on people lives and the real stories of real people. Yea, I was a metal guitarist, but almost all of my metal head friends really respected the truths that rappers of the day let us all know about. I'm so stoked now that Bustah is back and hopefully more artists will get back to what's real. He has always set a great example for others to follow imo. Besides that as a guitarist and recording engineer, he's one of, if not my favorite rapper purely from a musical perspective as well.

  • Edward Mercedes
    Edward Mercedes

    For Real!? Busta, Is probably at a hotel/motel, holiday inn, then his girl, started acting up! and took away,... the.. internet! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (My Rapping Voice)

  • Edward Mercedes
    Edward Mercedes

    I can't believe that Busta Rhymes! has really bad internet service. "But I can't wait to hear the album"

  • NICOLEL Green
    NICOLEL Green

    That felt good to my soul to watch!

  • Vondevoo

    That wasn't 2009, it was 1998 actually.

    • Hi Jayter
      Hi Jayter

      That is what I KNOW after copping the physical copy u

  • Patrick

    Great advertisement for Skype hahaha

  • mrcead

    Trevor should take over Vlad TVs spot in the consciousness

  • Art Vasch
    Art Vasch

    My favorite interview, ever, by trevor.... I guess it's time to buy a nickle bag... Smoke a lil laa... get high tonight

  • Crimson B Retrograde
    Crimson B Retrograde

    I love these two guys 😍 in one show?!? 🤩

  • Varied Vixen
    Varied Vixen

    I am obsessed with both these men! #ginjerswitch

  • ELLA .Q
    ELLA .Q

    he sounds like his on a record just speaking.😂❤❤❤❤

  • ELLA .Q
    ELLA .Q

    busta sounds like his on a record just by speaking man. haha big love ma man

  • txherezy

    When you get tired of killing features

  • Val Kilmer
    Val Kilmer

    Busta's voice is golden!!!

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist

    "We were keepin' it comin, keepin' it movin', keepin' it wild and we gettin' the paperless, keepin' cheddar, stackin' and pilin' and now we happy and smilin', 'cause now we livin' good." 😳 Okay. Sentiments like these from _Busta Rhymes_ would have been typical, but when lyrics like these come from the likes of _Trevor Noah,_ it makes you wonder if maybe he's thinking about changing careers.

  • Apocalypse487

    His internet connection isn't slow, he's talking too fast and the connection can't keep up, so he has to repeat himself so it sounds like a normal conversation.

  • Processes Of Becoming
    Processes Of Becoming

    I get to hear from so many people I would have never bothered to pay attention to otherwise because of Trevor. I don’t know if I will ever check out busters music, but I like knowing that he’s able to carry his Half of a wonderful conversation.

  • Marcus Lee
    Marcus Lee

    ELE 2 :)

  • Tim Sawyer
    Tim Sawyer

    Damn.. It's good to see Busta Rhymes back at it. Unfortunately, I haven't heard much of the new album, and what I have, doesn't really sound like the Busta I remember. He's not the "Silly wit my nine milly" guy any more. I guess we all get older, fatter and slower but damn, he was known as one of the faster rappers back in the day, and his new stuff seems really slow, and he doesn't sound the same to me at all. Maybe I just haven't heard the right songs yet. Recommendations?

  • Flo Rete
    Flo Rete

    Man, even prominent figures such as Busta Rhymes are having bad internet connection😆. Amazing interview, didn't listen to it yet - but I can't wait to listen to Busta's new album now👍

  • girlgreenivy

    Busta, Method Man, Luda. Trevor is just going down his bucket list now.

  • Ark Iso
    Ark Iso

    Love them both thanks Trevor.

  • Beats Kartel
    Beats Kartel

    My brother Trevor

  • Zee

    He's Busta Rhymes and his setup is so.. humble. Love him. 😆

  • Toheeb90

    Trevor Rhymes Junior

  • Cheryl Anyetei
    Cheryl Anyetei

    Oh my goodness...did Trevor just spit Busta's rhymes. Menn...I'm impressed. I think Busta was too.

  • b m
    b m

    0:51 he's talking about the delay of the album. but it seem to me like he's talking about the delay of his video streaming. that dude is a millionaire and has such bad internet? no wonder he popped out an album after 11 years, if he waited longer, he wouldn't have been able to pay even for that low quality internet 😂

  • faIRmODs fm
    faIRmODs fm

    HES BACK!!! How didnt I know this? Maybe because Im 40 and dont pay attention anymore XD

  • Rekurzion


  • Audiwan Kenobi
    Audiwan Kenobi

    Even though I love ELE2 as a whole i did not like the role that Chris Rock played on it..... He just did not make a good hypeman. Chris Rock should have been more scriptured.

  • Audiwan Kenobi
    Audiwan Kenobi

    I love ELE2! Seriously another good album from Busta Rhymes.

  • elrosca711

    Fuk this shit!! I can watch something better! Dam Internet!!


    I grew up with his music. I remember Extinction Level event and now I need to hear this one especially Look over your shoulder. That sounds interesting

  • Basil S
    Basil S

    Busta busta busya

  • David Mashiane
    David Mashiane

    His always been the hip-hop artist

  • clumsiii

    If you want a deep dive with Busta Rhymes check his recent with 85 South Show - musical history lesson

  • B D
    B D

    He needed more dough

  • Andre Segarra
    Andre Segarra


  • JenJay 016
    JenJay 016

    BUSTA is soooo underrated!

  • Camilo Santana
    Camilo Santana

    Dude! I'll fix that network lag for free. Don't be dropping packets for nothing. Hit me up.

  • DJ Yeet
    DJ Yeet

    anybody remember his verse on "Look at me now"? jpflow.info/sun/bideo/aJ6yfIZmsZl_oXk.html

  • Edward Singer
    Edward Singer

    Damn, Trevor said Busta is GOAT. not my goat personally but I'll accept it. Been waiting on ELE2 since Look At Me Now hit the radio.

  • Bullfrog Actual
    Bullfrog Actual

    Welcome back Busta!

  • rastaminiman163

    Amazing interview, great interaction, and feels like a very honest interview. This is the first time hearing about the album but gonna check it out asap, always a big fan of Busta Rhymes

  • Mumm Raa
    Mumm Raa

    💯💯💯✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿Awesome job Trevor!

  • oHSo IcoNic
    oHSo IcoNic

    Trevor got flow!

  • Donovan Werts
    Donovan Werts

    Much love to you both! Looking forward to listening to the new album!

  • pearlexi

    I want your rap album too Trevor.

  • Saint Gospel rap
    Saint Gospel rap

    I like the rapper Canon better. We all have opinions. And my opinion is that Canon is a better rapper in my books.

    • Desmond Hawkins
      Desmond Hawkins

      So brave.

  • pearlexi

    I love Busta Rhymes! It’s nice to see him back!

  • Rahul Setia
    Rahul Setia

    Is Trevor using skype lmao

  • A Glass Of Merlot
    A Glass Of Merlot

    I'm waiting to see a video of Trevor bustin a move. I believe this man has swagger.

  • Richard Warnock
    Richard Warnock

    BUSTA Thank's really from the Heart Thank's!!!; )

  • Joshua Phillips
    Joshua Phillips

    Damn, Skype is garbage.

  • Vasco Apolonio
    Vasco Apolonio

    I can't never know how it feels to be a Black in a White created System, on which Blacks are never iqual with Whites. I can only try tofeel empathy for my human brothers with a skin color different from my own. That's why Music plays such an important role, bringing everyone together to fight the monstrosity of racism. Its unthinkable for me to LOOK SOMEONE I THE EYE AND ONLY SEE COLOR. It's diminishing for me as a human, to do that to another human

  • Jem Dreamz
    Jem Dreamz


  • Doctor Thirteen
    Doctor Thirteen

    He spent all that time hunting Michael Meyers.

  • Afro Beat
    Afro Beat

    The legend

  • Black Light Spirit
    Black Light Spirit


  • Austin Chijikwa
    Austin Chijikwa

    @Trevor, you should told him about your Spliff Star story

  • Aiden Eugene
    Aiden Eugene

    I have been in love with this man's skills ever since I heard him when I was a kid. Man has insane skills. He is someone more artists should take lead from in their behavior as an artist, standards.

    • sexyalleycat

      Everything you said 💯 sadly someone with this kind of talent only comes once

  • Vincent Scales
    Vincent Scales

    Keep it going, keep it growing! ~ Busta Rhymes

  • xl

    His computer can' t handle live streaming the video BustaRhymes, if you' re reading this, you can upgrade to a computer that has some kind of GPU on it, it will help with the encoding.

  • Doug Shaw
    Doug Shaw

    Yesterday Mr. Mef & today Busta?! You, sir, are bringing on the good guests. Thank god that dimwit's leaving office & you're able to decrease the focus on politics. Thank you and cheers!


    When i had the opportunity to Bodyguard Busta in 2009, I experienced a man who is very Humble and very Honorable to children, The moment he came out of the SUV and started walking on the Red Carpet he spoke and touched the hearts of each and every kid that was waiting to see him. The one thing i will never forget. A little boy ask him. how can i get a chain like yours. His reply= This right here does not mean a thing. Your EDJUCATION means everything to me, So work hard in school and get good grades to graduate and become successful. gave him a hug and a pound, That right there I knew I was going to have a good night and after we had Chicken and Waffles at 4AM with the rest of the crew..lol

  • Warren Anderson
    Warren Anderson

    Trevor you forgot to mention ODB!

  • T9GAM3R


  • Liam Hodgson
    Liam Hodgson

    He didn’t ask if Trevor was banging in the east or if he was banging in the west 😑

    • girlgreenivy

      Because it's obvious Trevor is banging all over

  • Hector Diaz
    Hector Diaz


  • Mike Lytou
    Mike Lytou

    Btw: trevor now interviewed method man and busta rhymes within 2 days. Living the life. Sure would've loved to step in as a guest host this week.

  • Mike Lytou
    Mike Lytou

    Extinction level event... Did he just name his album after his internet connection?

  • L.GH. Djoetma
    L.GH. Djoetma

    Good to see people finally seem to be accepting MJ again and the value of that HBO hit piece has been put in perspective by many.

  • google plus blows
    google plus blows

    He's back looking like biz markie but he's back

    • MsAdreaL

      Lol! 😥

  • wakajumba

    Should have invited Buster Hymen too

  • 2HOOD4U


  • louis1608

    Welcome to Skype 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • TheCosmopolitan21

    Busta Rhymes, absolute genius!

  • nessakayeable

    Yo....when Trev busted out with that freestyle I was like daaaaaannnng! Okay, Okay pretty boy still got some hood in him!!!!