Donald Trump, Loser-in-Chief | The Daily Social Distancing Show
Trump lost the 2020 election like 63 times. Here’s a look back at our coverage of his many defeats. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TheDailyShow
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  • Sadie Mcmurray
    Sadie Mcmurray

    We are living through a weird af history book.

  • Claris Sagun
    Claris Sagun

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  • JoeEnigma

    17:47 I was sitting a few feet from the screen and I had to look closer because I really thought someone had dressed up as the joker.

  • Tom Berry
    Tom Berry

    Trevor is a genius, and funny too.

  • uche ifedigbo
    uche ifedigbo

    Since this video he lost his Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and got impeached again 😂 Nigga stay loosing

  • MoonRock Gaming
    MoonRock Gaming

    Donald Trump is the only person in politics that could make Noah say "My nigga" on comedy central lmao. Fucking died it caught me off guard. lol

  • E Rod
    E Rod

    Sooo much of losing !!!!! Hahahaha!!!!

  • Rick Lanyon
    Rick Lanyon

    What happens if we ever had an election where there were 2 or more decent candidates? Tho I haven't seen it yet. I did liker how Obamas were fresh air in the White House. But my trump friends tell me he was bad.

  • Rick Lanyon
    Rick Lanyon

    Can we see Trevor's birth certificate! Lol. I like him. I wish more people I know were not rabid trump supporters. It is impossible to have really any intelligent conversations w them.

  • Ellis West
    Ellis West

    Does Rudy mean national lawsuit like this national insurrection manhunt lol!!! 💢☝️😂💢

  • Ruby Korman
    Ruby Korman

    "Coup 5.0" lol if only they knew.

  • Robert Cvelbar
    Robert Cvelbar

    In this final days you are mocking Rudiy Guliani, me 2 but Im from Slovenija Country in witch Melania has been born. But REMEMBER THIS CLOUN WAS THE MAYER OF THE NEW YORK. What a mayer haw do you defend that he was MAYER of New York what stupid thinks did he do then nobody ask themselfe. What a facking creazy nation.

  • Skyler Bird
    Skyler Bird

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  • Miss Mentats
    Miss Mentats

    Wow no wonder the left and the right hate each other in the USA! I mean over here we make fun of the other side of course but nothing on this scale...

  • George George
    George George

    You are total shill for far left sowing strif and division by spreading your lies while go to bed with communist

  • Claris Sagun
    Claris Sagun

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  • Aquarius Lyfe
    Aquarius Lyfe

    I might be just a little bit slow.Maybe i don't know enough people. But, i have never heard of someone who gets fired, but still work for the person who fired them. Wasn't Sidney Powell fired? Is it something about trump i just don't see? People going the jail and murdering for him.


    God Bless America


    Funny thing is trump ask his supporters to go in person to vote so why in the hell they get mail in ballots don’t make sense

  • Waltkat

    This guy is hella funny. He should sign up for SNL. And is it just me or does Giuliani look like a chipmunk when he talks?

  • timo costa
    timo costa

    Losing so much he loves losing

  • Richard Harris
    Richard Harris

    People around the WORLD are shaking their heads and saying wow white privilege is really dying in America that's what they get for stealing that country from Indigenous people of color.

  • Declan Lawford
    Declan Lawford

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  • Christopher William
    Christopher William


  • Nina Patel
    Nina Patel

    Why is there anger, media, inuslting elected leaders you insult his office. Remember you insult most #Americans, #100 million voted, #70 million voted #Trump. Be carful who you insult or you will evoke civil war. You disrespecting the essence of democracy by insulting elected OFFICIALS. The national called, the tech companies cut the president the head of USA ARMY, you insult your army. #AmericaFirst

  • Marcel Rory
    Marcel Rory

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  • Hollijoy Johnson
    Hollijoy Johnson

    Now the entire world knows who the real biggest loosers are😂🤣😅 the chump ions are Republicans and the United States of America as a whole!😛😜🤪😝congratulations 👏it's looking like democracy and capitalism needs an overhaul 🤔Covid-19 the revealer of truth

    • Breth

      I feel that the Pandemic is going to get better when Biden comes, :D. Stay Safe

  • harry johnson
    harry johnson

    I can practically guarantee if Trump had won in 2020 he would have attempted to rewrite the constitution so he could serve more than 2 terms.

  • harry johnson
    harry johnson

    How sad is it to lose an election to someone whose campaigning from his basement. Wow, what a loser.

  • David li
    David li

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  • pobat73 pobat
    pobat73 pobat

    @12:30, "the Bailiffs are saying y'all can just stay where you is" - that was dope!!!🤣🤣🤣 But point of correction, not all Bailiffs are illiterates and/or black Lol.....😜

  • fbd 2000
    fbd 2000

    im going to sit back and laugh as america falls apart over the next four years. and thankyou your welcome in advance.

  • Darren Parks
    Darren Parks

    1 dead person voted it was a republicants dead mom that the her kid sent in.

  • Learn Hot English
    Learn Hot English

    Trevor, please clone yourself and do a show like this on the UK (and lots of other countries). Thanks!

  • FainTz Light
    FainTz Light

    Lovely , hey did you played soccer for any nation like Brasil 🇧🇷, Germany 🇩🇪, France 🇫🇷 , you won two World soccer Cup, congratulations 🎈🎉!!!

  • Tube Fun
    Tube Fun

    Future generations are going to have the best time studying and taking tests over this. Good Luck you poor future souls.

  • Frank Uhlig
    Frank Uhlig

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  • Brian McCauley
    Brian McCauley

    Oh my God! We are fucking doomed. This bullshit about a stolen election is ludicrous. I don't want any crap aimed at me for seeing what is so obvious. This man lost. Plain and simple. Mr. Trump dropped the ball.

  • Alan Taylor
    Alan Taylor

    The most dangerous man in the world today. And I personally fear a lot of blood has to be spilt . He released a storm , god save America its gonna get real messy . Trump the chump

  • David Zheng
    David Zheng

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  • Robert Briner
    Robert Briner

    After last week I proudly supoort president Biden and vice president Harris

    • Breth

      What made you flip :D, Thank god tho

  • Ron Shaulis
    Ron Shaulis

    Democrats stole the election wake up people

  • Matthew spalding
    Matthew spalding

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  • Just Saying
    Just Saying

    WOW! Some people have no life than to mess with other people. Are you lonely ,did ur daddy not live u, I have a Chucky doll u can okay with 🤪

  • D Adams
    D Adams

    He told us he would run the country like he runs his business. Problem is we end up being the losers. He goes back to living in his luxury resort.

  • Jem Dreamz
    Jem Dreamz


  • Tam jim
    Tam jim

    He needs the funds from his followers.. No money

  • Laura Valdes
    Laura Valdes

    Win win win the best cell block in the new York jail, jajaja, good bay trump sorry I had to hear you for 4 years but now you are OUT so put a sock on it

  • Zack Martins
    Zack Martins

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  • Mitch 5
    Mitch 5

    they are the government ! they all lie ! your bitching and ranting about lie based lies ! based on oh yeah ! lies !

  • Sagitarrius A*
    Sagitarrius A*

    Don't tell Trevor this, but he is related to Trump. Distantly, mind you.

  • Lacau Sa
    Lacau Sa

    Shame on cheater Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Obama, FBI. Shame on FB Twitter You Tube CNN NY Times Washing Post. We the people will fire Biden, Pelosi, left media sooner or later.

  • Lacau Sa
    Lacau Sa

    Shame on cheater Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Obama, FBI. Shame on FB Twitter You Tube CNN NY Times Washing Post. We the people will fire Biden, Pelosi, left media sooner or later.

  • Lacau Sa
    Lacau Sa

    Shame on cheater Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Obama, FBI. Shame on FB Twitter You Tube CNN NY Times Washing Post. We the people will fire Biden, Pelosi, left media sooner or later.

  • October Ward
    October Ward

    When the American people get harrassed by American people and the American people just watch.

  • Selbi Orayeva
    Selbi Orayeva

    I wish Trevor could have foreseen January 6 events before saying that Trump's attempts to overturn the election had FINALLY come to an end((

  • Linda D
    Linda D

    I believe in god , be careful, think before you speak.

  • Megan Mattson
    Megan Mattson

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  • Ellis Powrie
    Ellis Powrie


  • Ellis Powrie
    Ellis Powrie


  • MI HO
    MI HO

    Biden is the Chinese CCP choice. Wake up you who deny the truth

  • MI HO
    MI HO

    Trump WON! and there is overwhelming evidence of FRAUD and TAMPERING! The sick thing is that the left will not look at the evidence, the FACTS. By the way how is it that the left are so eager to go so far as to cheat like hell just to lose so many of their rights and freedoms? Sucks to be you! Either allow the evidence or stand back , Socialism is not an American idea, but you ALL ARE SO EAGER TO ALLOW the Chinese CCP to take over America

  • Man Man
    Man Man

    Of all the countries i could be born in i had to be american.

  • Amutalingam Barkeylow
    Amutalingam Barkeylow

    The last will be one autocracy freedom as long no killing for the sake of differences ... leads by all eyes looking one another (to make sure all be ok not quarrel like small kids asking for breastfeeding) and refer if case no settle/lead by the most top leader as an example.

  • Obuyanzi Parks-Mabwa
    Obuyanzi Parks-Mabwa

    Is that the cleaners/laundry tag hanging from his shirt cuff @ 2:43?

  • Patricia Colombini
    Patricia Colombini

    Jeanne b thanx

  • Michelle Griffin
    Michelle Griffin

    The people have voted and Biden is their choice

  • Tony Thao
    Tony Thao

    It's unbelievable that DJT requests for voting flaud and found out that 2 death counts voted for him by Trumpsters. Hehehe

  • Gloria Ilar
    Gloria Ilar

    Trump going back to his "home sweet home " in Mar - A - Lago, no more going back to the WHITE HOUSE ". ADIOS ADORADA WHITE HOUSE.

  • Gloria Ilar
    Gloria Ilar

    The defeat and lost president is mad

    • Gloria Ilar
      Gloria Ilar

      The news said "Trmp is not qualified to be the president,

  • Kumar Shreyash
    Kumar Shreyash

    Who all are watching in 2022 after a whole year has passed with Biden

  • Jack Somers
    Jack Somers

    19:47 I find this hilarious as a resident of Wayne county

  • Patricia Colombini
    Patricia Colombini

    Mike mickle so it's about control by division. Sadistic thinking. I guess they and trump need it now. Trump is a full narissacistic wacko.. Loads of hate no love. He's a dead man walking.

  • locate proposed
    locate proposed

    14:45 👋👋🌼💋 From Amsterdam The first man l ever saw who sweats black sweat RUDY G

  • matthew tatian
    matthew tatian

    "no this isn't Donald...(thinks) this is Bonald

    • Christoph Luger
      Christoph Luger


  • motivation degree
    motivation degree

    10:57 🤓🤓🤓 I got through the last 4 years with Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert keeping me sane. Thank you fellas.

  • David Whang
    David Whang

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  • Ryenne Gepford
    Ryenne Gepford

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  • Mike Doe-Dough
    Mike Doe-Dough

    Keep the facial hair it's THURL on you

  • Quediantter Kids
    Quediantter Kids

    Dead ppl did vote Giuliani...# mirrormirrioronthe#wall#

  • Elligons

    This is a good looking man. ngl. Love your channel Trevor!

  • NexusII

    Don't you think "Loser-in-Chief" is a bit too far? Oh wait I'm watching Trevor Noah.

  • Moxie

    please have more than 1 sound effect o____o it's been a daily swoosh for a long while

  • Bennie Crawford
    Bennie Crawford

    Fox needs to be procured and ran out of America.

  • J. M.
    J. M.

    The winning got away from him. 😂🤣😂

  • Jack Torrence
    Jack Torrence

    I bet all the magas think all these upvotes are fake too 😭🗳👍

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • Holly Lea
    Holly Lea


  • Vorshack

    Michigan is one of several states larger than your entire country. Probably why you haven't heard of it :)

  • Marcos Pacheco
    Marcos Pacheco

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  • Hariel Jjohnson
    Hariel Jjohnson

    Need a haircut what a nasty little man

    • Stacey Brown
      Stacey Brown

      I agree, Trump’s hair is quite out of control.

  • Kat Bat
    Kat Bat

    lol he got impeached twice

  • Alexander Perez
    Alexander Perez

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trevor was so in the zone that he ended up saying my nigga 10:55 😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 Donald Trump AkA "Yellow Man" really knows how to get to people with his nonsense

  • Supreme Winningness
    Supreme Winningness

    Trevor Noah again without the jokes or facts .. how are you black when you're named TREVOR. NOAH, the whitest names ever? Fake

  • Adrian T
    Adrian T

    Rudi was robbed Trump financially

  • LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
    LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    The ring tone reminds me, is the kazoo version of Hail to the Chief ready yet?

  • LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
    LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    Well,I still wouldn't put it past Bono...still waters and all...

  • LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
    LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    My gran is more hip...shes got a killer "dees nuts"riff....

  • Fabian Seewald
    Fabian Seewald

    imagine you voted a person of african asian or even southamerican descend into office........... thank god trumps ancestors left gelsenkirchen, your problem now!

  • Alex Arko
    Alex Arko

    So is anyone on the Right tired of 'Winning'? I know I am!