Eli Saslow & Derek Black - Leaving the KKK and White Supremacy | The Daily Show
“Unless we go through the act of confronting it, it’s going to continue to grow and be a dangerous force in what the country is.” Derek Black and Eli Saslow tell the story of leaving the KKK and confronting white supremacy in America. #DailyShow #DerekBlack #EliSaslow
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  • Ken William Musk
    Ken William Musk

    Lol when most people say we must be tolerant, what they mean is white people must be compliant and that we should feel guilty for being who we are, nothing wrong with us wanting a homogeneous country. POC will never stop demanding from us regardless of how much the system uplifts them. I'd rather be a white Nationalist than a self hating white liberal.

  • carolyn patterson
    carolyn patterson

    I know the ability to speak knowledgeable about how and why...Now What??? The white supremacist have always been there...Ignorance shouldn't be Bliss but for a lot of people...They don't want to help make that change..Thank You for having an intelligent conversation

  • Brooke Strong
    Brooke Strong

    I truly believe that one can never go wrong when choices and beliefs are based on Love and what is helps people most and is best for all. It all comes down to LOVE one another.

  • Sophie Dorsey
    Sophie Dorsey

    This is great but not applaud people for NOT being racist.

  • Toasty Butter Scones
    Toasty Butter Scones

    Black BLM protesters: get called looters and terrorists Ex Nazis: thank you for not being racist. You fucking hero

  • Haዘነመ Saወደቀ
    Haዘነመ Saወደቀ

    It's all b.s. being a racist doesn't pay except being miserable but writing a book does.

  • Manuel Malagon
    Manuel Malagon

    That is intelligent people right there!

  • j will1906
    j will1906

    A white supremacist’s kryptonite: another white person! Interesting....

  • Ruth Boaz
    Ruth Boaz

    i like this guy

  • Saussinati Beats
    Saussinati Beats

    im black, african and this is bullshit..racism is wrong but lets not pretend that the white man is being vilified in the media 24/7.. at some point one has to say fuck everybody else

  • Retro917

    thou he doesn't believe #45 is a white nationalist, I think Trevor needed to rephrase that question ..

  • Rush Love
    Rush Love

    Bravo, gentlemen...

  • Official BAM
    Official BAM

    This is awesome

  • ZUE Ekwems
    ZUE Ekwems

    Not his name being Derek BLACK 😭😭

  • the taker of knowledge
    the taker of knowledge


  • the taker of knowledge
    the taker of knowledge



    Blacks are racist to whites


    Yawn, more sjw racial identity politics.

  • Carlotta McKenzie
    Carlotta McKenzie


  • Carlotta McKenzie
    Carlotta McKenzie


  • Carlotta McKenzie
    Carlotta McKenzie


  • Bobby the Beetle
    Bobby the Beetle

    www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/joe-biden-giving-eulogy-of-kkk-recruiter-robert-byrd-resurfaces-after-trump-doesnt-condemn-white-supremacists/ar-BB19Cqnl afropunk.com/2019/01/kamala-harris-has-been-tough-on-black-people-not-crime/ Speaking of racists, you left out these two.

  • janrobertbos

    who the fxxk gives a daxm what colour one is....if one is a jerk, one is a jerk, colour isn`t important..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Character is what matters..................................

  • Stephen Sugay
    Stephen Sugay

    It's amazing what one learns by deeply contemplating one's own genuine worldview, contrary to that which one might have been conditioned to believe.

  • PMR Updates
    PMR Updates

    This is encouraging to hear. Him telling his story is a very very good thing.


    I hope this is genuine not just to sell their book. Great conversation though

  • Theresa Chung
    Theresa Chung

    Derek Black- you are my absolute hero. You inspire me.

  • Fred Segrist
    Fred Segrist

    the KKK and the white supremacy group are no different than the talaban, alqueda, ms13, hell's angels, and now maga in the fact that we have to spent a lot of our tax dollars to monitor them as criminals that want to hurt Americans and what we stand for. they accomplish nothing and cost America a lot of money that takes away from our children's future.

  • Vavabody .president vava valery
    Vavabody .president vava valery

    I love this 2 white guys! Thank you 🙏🏽

  • songoDDragonIX

    Lol to not think there can't be 30% of white people being discriminated in 2020 where people are so eager to point finger, and judge each other for trivial or non existent things. Black people have been historical more discriminated but in 2020... I say the discrimination on white people due to white privilege is quite prevalent. Everyone has privileges in some way shape or form and complain on who has more isn't going to change that. Americans are so eager to be victims and tell themselves that they don't succeed because of outside sources like racism or sexism... "The world is an ugly place and will beat you down if you let it" ~ rocky

  • Debra Logan
    Debra Logan

    I'm Catholic I'm not prejudice

  • Debra Logan
    Debra Logan

    Screw u gang coming in wall stay up

  • A Fiacco
    A Fiacco

    huh. If I say everything in my life is OK that's racism.....Do we really need a WAR to remind everyone we are brothers and sisters.

  • White Male
    White Male

    3 racists do their best to instigate more racism and hate towards white people and to divert attention from the fact that they are what they accuse others of.

  • johny lee walker
    johny lee walker

    Democrats are the KKK and now the new Nazi party with the mainstream media gestapo !

  • Eric Hatake
    Eric Hatake

    Was Derek's last name always BLACK?😏

  • N Ds
    N Ds

    Whyte fragility is real

  • Black Envy
    Black Envy

    Watch the full video, not just this clip

  • LadyQthePoetess

    This is what needs to happen to heal America as a whole. These men have taken the time to self reflect and challenge their convictions and what they were being taught growing up and challenge the status quo; to me, that takes emotional intelligence and a great deal of courage.

  • damarh

    one of the most damaging things to stop racism is those What would you do and "Social Experiment" shows. i's good that people speak up, but most of the time the hostile and overly aggressive and over the top reaction of the supposed bad guys makes people think if they say something they will get murdered or some shit. Reality is NEVER like that. Racist will always run away from a fight or when someone on their side supposedly speaks out against them.

  • Dana Brown
    Dana Brown

    This is very well articulated...interesting....

  • B macklen
    B macklen

    Holy shit that was beautiful... in EVERY SINGLE WAY!

  • Alene Miller
    Alene Miller

    I am happy these guys eyes were open I forgive them

  • Sara Saenz
    Sara Saenz

    Can we just all agree to teach our kids to be better! We can't change the past but we can change our future.

  • Ethan Kremer
    Ethan Kremer

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  • Barry Irlandi
    Barry Irlandi

    Flipping on an idea is very brave. An honor not a shame.

  • Alexander Paideia
    Alexander Paideia

    And therefore, our noble people, What is the transcendent wisdom, for the sake of Global Humanity, Oneself, and Immortality, according to the Ancient Secret Chinese Wisdom Tradition; what are the five kinds of the most prosperous, most powerful knowledge and wisdom that every individual could and should possess? Paideia Esoteric Society.

  • Kristyle Lawrence
    Kristyle Lawrence

    Thumbs down are obviously racist 🙄

  • larimack

    This is fascinating. Children taught to hate will do so. Thank you for telling your story. Also, why does that guy look like a young George Clooney?

  • Christy Cridlebaugh
    Christy Cridlebaugh

    Wow! So when do whites observe their white history month? Just make sure that it's during the school year, so my grandkids learn about the whites too. How about W.E.T along side of B.E.T.?(television stations)The politicians are always trying to separate the country into B/W , straight/gay, Republicans/Democrat. Until "We the people" get our $h!+ together and realize we are all in this together, the government will OWN us and CONTROL us! BTW, if the whites opened up a college for whites only, the country would BURN! But I live near one of the exclusively BLACK colleges who wouldn't allow me nor my Cambodian friends to attend! (And NO, I'm not white!) I also haven't seen any Mexicans nor Dominicans there, and this is a diverse neighborhood! Just calling it as i see it. Gb~Mamaw 🥰

  • Nero12

    Am I the only one seeing george clooney?

  • DeityFree Dee
    DeityFree Dee

    Moral to the story: QUESTION everything!

  • Alicia Abreu
    Alicia Abreu

    These people are so rediculous--- I just dont even have words to how wrong they are.

  • Georgi C.XD
    Georgi C.XD

    I absolutely applaud this guy for making the very point in stopping racism: only white people can stop other white people from saying or doing anything racist. There’s just something about our own race that has the power to convince us into believing anything.

  • Lindsay Norris
    Lindsay Norris

    Jessie smollett? Bubba wallace,blm, no problem.

  • Lindsay Norris
    Lindsay Norris

    Is Trevor gonna denounce black supremacist ideology. Nope.

  • Lead Head
    Lead Head

    Your Ridiculous Trevor! Your everyday Rhetoric on your show is whats wrong with today, but you have to be born with common sense!, and just so you know, im white, i believe in our border, i believe in our Rites! and i believe in our country! and none of that makes me, or any one Racist! What is wrong with you? Everybody ive ever met already knows the KKK is Terrible!!!

  • Vnexpress1203

    It takes courage to do what these guys have done. I’m purchasing a copy to show my support.

  • Nettie Butts
    Nettie Butts

    Yet the lies continue, Now just what and who did Columbus see. Now just who was it that sailed before. If people do not stop lying, nothing will change, tell the truth. Not the pieces they choose to break off and jam into a puzzle, more research is needed. Not enough truth. Find Esau,Find Jacob. Then start again. Find them!!!

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Better late then Never 👌🏿

  • Geetesh Iyer
    Geetesh Iyer

    It’s so poetic to see a white nationalist named Derek Black. 😀😀

  • LOWE sonia
    LOWE sonia

    Not certain this is what he really thinks . Impressed by his rhetoric ,reminds me of Shakespearian dramas, brilliant dialogue of seeing the real truth and Light ! to operate in KKK darkness. Never trust a repented Nazi.-- Too old ; too much experience of false turncoats. Pleased to see the man returned in Trevor. Handsome as when he arrived from South Africa.

  • Quit smoking
    Quit smoking

    Anybody else here for George Clooney?

  • timothy perry
    timothy perry

    But I think we should stop giving ex white supremacists or KKK members recognition, you’re doing the normal thing, no need to throw a parade for not being a shitty human 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • People who Use youtube
    People who Use youtube

    1:08 black on black crime?

  • Kat Thompson
    Kat Thompson

    PS White does NOT = KKK. White does NOT = prejudice. White does NOT = supremacy. STOP APPLYING WHITE to all these negatives. That is the same as saying EVERY AMERICAN supports trump. False statements laced in hate. I am white and I am none of the above!

  • RNLovely Russell
    RNLovely Russell

    Black people would never sit by and watch white people mistreated. There is something missing spiritually.

  • Jimmy Two Tymes
    Jimmy Two Tymes

    One of the best interviews that I’ve seen this year!! 202💯

  • L TheGreat
    L TheGreat

    Being anti racist "the fact that the nation was galvanized on race hating & race bating" ...U not only have to admit it the truths are so& u will need to re-right the bs American history!

  • Allcanxio Osain
    Allcanxio Osain

    träiors of our conßtiþuíon

  • Charlie w
    Charlie w

    This is why we need more young people in politics

  • Denise Valerio
    Denise Valerio

    Eli and Derek, you sound sincere to my ears. You are evolving, impacting America in a highly positive way. Keep spreading the message, please. 💜

  • anwjuice

    Trevor noah I swear he doesnt love himself and that's his main issue and why he makes everything racist. Someone should ask him how whites in south africa are treated now. This just shows we are all humans and humans are evil but he brings up race and it's because he not comfortable in who he is. I got a biracial son and he been told by his black family that he isn't black, he looks more white so he is white..now if the white family said he isn't white some would call that racist.anywau my son knows who he is and he calls himself a mix person and he says white people are racist,black people are racist and he thinks both whine way to much and make everything a contest about who has had a worse deal In life. Crazy a 14 year old has more grip of the world than alot of you adult's

  • Angelica Stella
    Angelica Stella

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  • Alaina Buchholtz
    Alaina Buchholtz

    These two are full of it..but lets not forget biden friends and mentors in the kkk...Byrd for one Wake up people

  • Andrea Burrell
    Andrea Burrell


  • Dada Nabhaniilananda
    Dada Nabhaniilananda

    Great to hear how his sentiment for people has evolved to include everyone, not just white people.

  • b earth
    b earth

    Watching the transition of the daily show over the years is amazing to have witnessed. The fact you can 100% count on factual and unbiased information is incredibly inspirational, for it confirms my belief the younger generations are taking hold of their world. I over heard 10 year olds debating politics better than thier parents and seems the sincere connection is they want to become professional gamers and coders( I loVe IT ). Then the common interest for a safer and cleaner world for everyone. But as with everything in life a little humor helps everyone smile when it just seems there is nothing to smile about. Most of the networks give lame brainless cute stuff that is warm and fuzzy. Give me the truth even when it is the worst, but give it to me with dark sarcasm ❄

  • Samantha Nicole
    Samantha Nicole

    Something he said stuck out to me. He said that challenging the white nationalist system helps white people. And he’s right. A lot of the ways the white nationalist system hurts minorities is by making them poor and then attacking the poor. White people can be poor, too. So yes, challenging this system doesn’t only help minorities. It helps the poor. It helps the already disadvantaged gain real footing. It also helps by fueling the competition that fuels innovation. If all these poor people with lacking education (because their local school are being attack by the system for being poor) have access to the education and resources to make something amazing, then our options become practically limitless.

  • Rain

    1.1 k are racist 🤷🏽‍♀️ we should be able to see who dislikes and likes just like fb 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️🤣

    • Do Bonecchi
      Do Bonecchi

      What? That's a dumb take

  • Rain

    Wow super interesting

  • Spliffy J 420
    Spliffy J 420

    Racism is just the path of least resistance. Its the lazy mans excuse to hate. Most racists have never left their own little bubble, even if they travel they tend to follow the same behaviors and habits they do at home and very seldom deviate from that behavior.

  • Nyima Tsering
    Nyima Tsering

    Glad to see someone came out from that awful world 🌍....

  • Molly McBride
    Molly McBride

    Ohh well, it's that nice! Now what those assholes gonna do? Too little too late! Start taking out some of their "former" brothers, to prove themselves, or we don't want them! Too little too late!!

  • Diggz Only
    Diggz Only

    Why should anyone listen to a man like this who wouldn't even buy his grandmother a better house and leaves her in poverty while he plays with the pedophiles of Hollywood. Hmmm. Never even went back to see her Trevor and then you want to put her on TV so people may feel sorry for you. Just a shame you would try to use America like that. Who wants to listen to a foreigner talk about issues in America.

  • Dee brown
    Dee brown

    “It ran in my family until it ran into Me” read that. Again

  • Mephisto Faustus
    Mephisto Faustus

    Im so happy to see this they are truly enlightened and see their wrong doings much respect.

  • Tree Hugger
    Tree Hugger

    Question everything you believe. Get rid of the lies you've been told. More importantly get rid of the lies you've told yourself. If you don't you leave open to being a brainwashed zombie.

  • Tree Hugger
    Tree Hugger

    The evangelical Godists are the white nationalists.

  • DeeDee

    Everyone has a choice to choose the right way to go in Life,,Good or Bad,up the road or down the road,, PPL can change,No Matter What,,Pick it up or leave it there,,Run or Stop,, Choice's, Choices, Choice's,

  • Mildred Fox
    Mildred Fox

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    pamela angela

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  • Alpine Snoozer
    Alpine Snoozer

    This is a lie. They're lying about how America began and how it's ran today.

  • Yolanda Shikers
    Yolanda Shikers

    The blushing dinosaur roughly examine because vest intraorally fear against a educated columnist. marked, two hospital

  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace

    🕊🙌🏼💕 Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with Me❣️ God bless Israel and America❣️😇🎉🎶 Happy New Year 2021 peeps; and long live the Golden Rule❣️

  • ianthemagus

    I'm normally for no-platforming former white supremacists because giving them any chance is how Robert Spencer got a foot in the door and we arrived here today. 1% of the time, you get someone that isn't cynically feigning a change of heart for their own monetary benefit, they've just grown up imprisoned in white supremacy so they never really had a choice. To be able to actually answer Noah's final question without just tripping through trite platitudes shows that these are questions this guy has probably asked himself a lot since he went a different path than his family. If I remember correctly, this guy grew up Klan, so he probably had an abusive controlling father who beat those values into him, either figuratively or literally. It's probably like being born into the mob, you're already in the gang the moment you come out of the womb and there are severe penalties for betrayal. It had to be really hard to get out. America's original sin is not that it participated in barbaric practices that other colonial nations did. There are many nations that facilitated the system indirectly and in some cases committed their own atrocities. America's original sin is that the founding fathers put their own children into two different social castes. It's not figurative, it's literal. Some of them are men that founded our country placed their own biracial children into a slave caste without the same freedoms of their white half-siblings. That's the extremely cruel part to me, dialing it up to 11 with that betrayal of their own kids. People can hem and haw about "the societal norms of the time", but remember that these guys were writing up a list of grievances to address, creating their own visualized utopia of a nation. "Our new society should demand that my biracial kids are treated with the same dignity as my white kids" apparently wasn't in the list of priorities. That "skin in the game" element gets overlooked. It's relatively simple to understand that white people with a tribal mindset see non-white kids as an existential threat because it get twisted into a perverse "I'm just looking out for my family" mindset. "My non-white neighbors are coming after me and my kids" is a paranoid mentality, but it's rooted in the idea that they treat non-white people as a different species, fundamentally not human and unrelated to them. That drives primal instincts in some people, it's not inherently ideological but an ignorant survival mentality. The fact that we refer to the founding fathers, and not the mothers as well, is the most obvious proof that our country was founded as a patriarchal society, but it wasn't the first. That's where it takes a darker turn because this social hierarchy would imply that fathers fight for and protect their children. So imagine looking through the perspective of a patriarch and only extending human rights to half of your children. It's paternal negligence, where the ideology overrode the mind to such a degree that they didn't even see their own biracial children as a reflection of themselves and part of the family, the literal "skin" they had in "the game". It was so pervasive that now in our country, a majority of black Americans have a minimum of 2% European ancestry. It's understandable that many black Americans would never even want to claim that ancestry, especially due to the circumstance in which some of those biracial early Americans were born. Yet by any metric, they're descendants of the founding fathers as well. Trying to dismantle a uniquely American brand of white supremacy requires deprogramming these people in the language they understand: Christian nationalism. We can objectively say that failing to stick up for other Americans that are ostensibly genetic relatives of the founding fathers would inherently fail the stated commitments of American nationalists. It also seems to be inherently at odds with the teachings of Jesus Christ. A lot of these people are so entrenched in their ideology that they have a mental "out" for all of the traditional arguments already presented by progressives. To chip away at this, we need to force them to answer questions that are the bedrock of their belief system. If they see Christianity as a beacon and are drunk on jingoism, prove to them repeatedly that support for these white supremacist ideologies is anti-patriotic and anti-Christian. We can't crack the mentality of the most hardcore ones because we're always trying to get them to finally develop empathy and they won't, and more specifically, do not want to. We won't charge their minds that way. If they want to claim Christianity, make them finally start practicing what they preach. If they want to claim patriotism, make them demonstrate compassion for all of our citizens. I don't think we can change their minds by trying to expose them to a new view they instinctively reject. We might be able to change minds if we keep the focus on their inability to abide by their own moral code.

  • Macon Kimpire Goddess
    Macon Kimpire Goddess

    🤔People need to stop faking as if they are not racist, but are indeed still reaping the benefits off of prejudice racism of past discrimination from slavery and through their white supremacy and privileges. If you all are not really racist, show that you’re not racist, by Uniting together and giving up all of your white privilege and your white supremacy. Rally for equal seats for blacks on all Government platforms, because the blacks as in Kem... not as in a crayon..Are the ones who really fought for this country, died for this country, and help build this country. Our culture people are the only ones that are not getting reparations for the mental physical and psychological trauma that has been passed down from generation to generation‘s in this country, we are the only ones whose families have been enslaved and discriminated against in this country for over 400 years. If you want to really prove that you’re not all still racist and that this is not just to get Trump out, because he is blowing the whistle on the true racist scammers of this world... Then stand together to make sure that we get reparations, because every other foreigner is getting reparations, Israel and Palestine is getting reparations, right now from the united state citizens tax money, and other foreign people around the world are getting preparations from us. But no one will give black people reparations, why? because we live in a discriminated, racist, Prejudice country, and it has nothing to do with Trump, it’s been like this for 400 years...wake up stay work... And Trevor let this be one of your Hot topics if you’re really concerned about racism..By:k.m>The Royal Macon Kimpire Godis copyrights © 2021 All Spiritual Religious & Sovereign Inherent Rights Reserved and Beyond.

    • Alaina Buchholtz
      Alaina Buchholtz

      Racism goes both ways

  • Cyprian Peters
    Cyprian Peters

    Question:Is there a white man or have you never see a white man?if you haven't what really is the colour of white? If you are honest there's no man or woman that is white,they may be fair skin but not white .

  • W B
    W B

    O let me guess you want shit for free

  • W B
    W B

    How can anyone be OK with foreign people taking your jobs and you not having nothing