Hunter Biden’s FBI Tax Investigation & Trump’s Pardon Avalanche | The Daily Social Distancing Show
The FBI is investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes, and President Trump floats an even broader list of people to pardon. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #HunterBiden
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  • cov fefe
    cov fefe

    You mean four years of made up scandals, right? Like the Russia Hoax.

  • cov fefe
    cov fefe

    Election? Nah. When it's rigged it's not really an election is it?

  • Dan Ag
    Dan Ag

    Trevor and Hunter, what a 💩 show.

  • Luke Kennedy
    Luke Kennedy

    You're a muppet bud

  • Randy Randy
    Randy Randy

    They need to put both of them in prison

  • Bella the dachshund yip
    Bella the dachshund yip

    hunter vs mulan

  • javier gonzalez
    javier gonzalez

    Shhhhhhhh media will make this disappear . It's a tax scandal lol . China payoffs and deals had nothing do with it .

  • Mcouey2

    His face at “right now we’re addicted to scandals.” So cute! 😄😄

  • Sally Kruger
    Sally Kruger

    Have you guys not seen the pictures of Hunter??? Trevor you are South your homework! We are good at that!

  • Maria Beckwith
    Maria Beckwith

    Does someone pay you for covering for Hunter Biden? Just curious.

  • Isaac Robinson
    Isaac Robinson

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  • bridgette garrison
    bridgette garrison

    The responsible ptarmigan contrarily nest because element controversly succeed against a clean aluminum. harsh, violent hovercraft

  • Green Lantern
    Green Lantern

    They're all corrupt even the people that run cover Trevor!

  • 3gue

    wow this kid does not have a clue. Well the storm is coming kid.

  • PJ Shirley
    PJ Shirley

    Hunter Biden....snake in the grass. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP


    hell no, you clowns wanted to prove Russian collusion , now you're getting a taste of your own medicine. Hunters laptop is only the tip of the iceberg get ready for more incriminating evidence

  • Olive Garden
    Olive Garden

    This guy isn't funny at all.

  • World News With Dan Carson Wolf
    World News With Dan Carson Wolf

    They are after the very people you have been defending. God brings all the wicked to justice. Watch yourself Trevor, you made fun of Jesus many times. Your success will be temporary enjoyed.

  • Giovanni Lou Betancourt
    Giovanni Lou Betancourt

    this is nothing what is coming, his dad Joe is going to jail like his son and they are going to spend 4 years in the GUANTÁNAMO hotel .. and his gangs too

  • Linda Isaacs
    Linda Isaacs You can no longer hide the Biden fraud, Greed, TREASON.

  • Jay Ski
    Jay Ski

    Imagine all the people that die in your life and this shitbag is what your left with ....Enjoy big guy...

  • rudy dude
    rudy dude

    It's so obvious that Trevor has been dropped on this head as a baby....many times over.

  • Jack James
    Jack James

    Haha every comment amounts to.."BUT TRUMP! blah blah"...THIS ISNT ABOUT TRUMP! 😆

  • waycockorl

    You're the smartest sounding stupid person on TV.

  • D Z
    D Z

    Ukrainian investigation news conference:

  • Históricamente Independiente
    Históricamente Independiente

    Leftists are scared of that

  • m bishop
    m bishop

    Its gonna be funny .... really funny... when the FBI investigation exposes the huge cash deposits as a pay for play biden family con. trevor will have a ton of jokes and will be really funny,

  • Ed Trent
    Ed Trent

    MSM already protecting a corrupt Biden.

  • David Hume
    David Hume

    I don’t understand. You are not funny. Jokes don’t really have a punchline but so long as you make fun of Trump we’re supposed to laugh? Bring back funny people

  • joss vineson
    joss vineson

    notice how he didn't put conspiracy before hunter bidan its because the elections done so now his bosses told him what he can or cannot talk be your own person Trevor don't let the democrats speak for you but i guess you wouldn't get paid if you did that now wold you

  • L B
    L B

    Oh yeah assclown, he is also being investigated for his China dealings to.

  • L B
    L B

    God your face annoys me... keep pushing your propaganda

  • Koort

    I can see Trevor and Hunter blowing clouds together in the 'White Clouds' House.

  • Koort

    Hail Joe Biden, the head of the Biden crime family, for President. The White House will certainly live up to its name when Hunter visits. Or maybe it will be renamed the White Cloud House.

  • John doe
    John doe

    The us cyber attacks were from china , hunter biden provided passwords and thats why earlier last week hunter biden was given a large sum of money again by china . The news reported the money exchange from china to hunter but didnt say why . It was to purchase passwords. Dont believe me look up the time lines for yourself .

  • G d
    G d

    Please vote blue in Georgia on Jan. 5. 2021. We deserve and need better. Biden wants to pass a stimulus bill when he gets into office. (check his twitter) He needs both Senators in Georgia in order to ditch Mitch. Stay safe and vote💙💙💙

  • Smiling Comedy
    Smiling Comedy

    #smilingcomedy 2020 we not end you, you will enter 2021 my fellow people 2021 be your year let me hear you're amen

  • Wolverdean W
    Wolverdean W

    Wow, this is the lamest place on JPflow. Perfect fit for Biden voters.

  • ray fish
    ray fish

    If anyone wants to be misinformed.. Be sure to watch Trevor Noah..Its a lot more than just his taxes dumbass.. Money Laundering as well.. Try to keep up...

  • oldcards65

    Obama walked the walk and talked the talk but he was all fluff.

  • oldcards65

    Trump has pardoned 26 people so far . Obama the choosen one pardoned over 1900

  • The Piano Teacher
    The Piano Teacher

    Why is this guy still here? He should go back to South Africa.... He doesn't like the US and is still here

  • Liu T
    Liu T

    Hunter biden sold America to the highest Chinese bidder...democratic party has been compermiswd from China...

  • Devo Gilland
    Devo Gilland

    Your not funny. Just like cobear... not funny at all. I can watch all your stuff and never laugh.

  • gina james
    gina james

    Why aren't they investigating TrumpTURD's children and TrumpTURD himself? Hunter said he didn't do anything wrong so he doesn't care and he so far hasn't been charged with anything.

  • Bammy Larsen
    Bammy Larsen

    Just like Lord Voldemort's Killing curse "Avada kedavra" in Harry Porter series, He who must not be named (T****) killing curse was "You are Fired". Now it is "You are Pardoned".

  • Jazz Rock Fusion
    Jazz Rock Fusion

    That was pretty funny, man. Only, it wasn't.

  • Sleepy Joe
    Sleepy Joe

    Lol I can’t wait for trump to leave office so i can finally hear Trevor stfu about trump

  • LJ Ashley
    LJ Ashley

    Hunting the wrong Hunter as silent sycophant's DJT Jr & Eric are Safari slaughtering as you speak.

  • Augustina Diaz
    Augustina Diaz

    Por coméntale lo que pasa en cuba yo no ze viajar me lo quitaron todo sección medicarom todo por que trron me dijo que hablo con basan tengo que pp no te lo puedo decir me quitaron todo por ayudar mira que me paso me lo quitaron todo 40 años en este paisnoes justo la colunna el tobillo une metal en la cadera quise.ayudar.ya no lo esperaba y por no ofertar caminar porquejunier hido al se caro lo repartiendo y una jabón con todo

    • Augustina Diaz
      Augustina Diaz

      El alcalde xep jañlalia

  • Adriana A.
    Adriana A.

    Not just his taxes. How does crack addict get a job as VP for foreign company? Lol

  • Scott Martine
    Scott Martine

    Noah is a joke he would fit right in as a biden.

  • claritin62

    Tax scandal??? I bet you wish that was all it was. When the news, sports and the comedy channels are owned by China be very afraid!!!!!

  • uma C.H
    uma C.H

    trevor's impressions of trump are the cutest thing ever lol

  • Pman InJapan
    Pman InJapan

    I REE MEM BuH when you used to be funny and not a DNC hack. Sad.

  • Edward III
    Edward III

    How is this dude have a show on Comedy Central this dude could not be any less funny he just doesn’t have it how did he get this job?

  • daisiesr myfavorite
    daisiesr myfavorite

    Yeah wel probably find out even Hunter pays more taxes than trump!!

  • daisiesr myfavorite
    daisiesr myfavorite

    Could care less if he's guilty, hes not in charge of the country or in, so him to antichrist Trump- there is NO COMPARISON

  • jacob sanders
    jacob sanders

    Trevor Noah is waaaack

  • Joe

    Trevor isn't this stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing- selling us out for a globalist communist marxist takeover. What piece of garbage.

  • Charles Hawj
    Charles Hawj

    Either way, president elect Biden can just pardon his son when he takes office. 😂

  • Charles Hawj
    Charles Hawj

    Trump needs to release his tax record! Be open and clean.

  • L W
    L W

    come on! Is that only tax? Why the fake media and criminal lefty demos not dare to cover the crime before election. Why now? You are ready to push the communist Kamala onto stage ?! What a good plan!

  • Marcy Clay
    Marcy Clay

    He is not just under investigation for taxes but for his business dealing with the Chinese government too. According to the media this was just Russian Disinformation and now they just want to report on it after the election.

  • Michael Cleary
    Michael Cleary

    Taxes and money laundering and understating income but whatever lol I don't pay tolls too

  • juan lopez
    juan lopez

    Biden goin to jail.

  • CaraRowen

    The fbi investigation is honestly pretty typical

  • Roy Vincent
    Roy Vincent

    Trevor I know you are intelligent you are better than this

  • Wadeeah Fisher
    Wadeeah Fisher

    is it not amazing that all the scandals are created by the democratic party

  • D Legionnaire
    D Legionnaire


  • John Paul Mac Isaac
    John Paul Mac Isaac

  • Yaweno

    Now I get it. Biden ran for president because he knew he needed to pardon his son. It all makes sense why a 78 year old geriatric with withering mental capacity would seek a job that he has not the stamina or longevity to do. Seems this guy Noah may have similar issues, but he looks younger than Biden. Anyhow, I just saw the headline and didn't listen so I can't say much more about this comic. But the picture is all coming together now. The president elect that is "for all Americans' is in Georgia fighting for the people who voted for him, wants what's best for his kid and not the country. Did anyone ever think that the kid turned out the way he did because of the way the parents raised him? Think about that one. And while I'm at it, why does Biden ignore his grandson that Hunter claimed wasn't his? I bring that up because that's the issue that actually makes me disgusted about the Biden's. Can you imagine having your grandfather and grandmother ignore your very existence? Think about it. Think hard.

    • Yaweno

      @Tracy Jewett Sorry, I did run on, but replacing one clown with another that is probably more racist and corrupt isn't a recipe for MAGA, no matter how you spell it.

    • Tracy Jewett
      Tracy Jewett

      Time to loosen up your MAGA hat, it's clearly too tight.

  • StoneSmith

    Wow, what do you know, Noah is doing Trump voices. How original.

  • Brian Omar
    Brian Omar

    Hunter Biden and joe Biden both are working for China.

  • DM1986

    Hunter is under investigation for more than tax fraud. Trevor is an ignorant liberal if he thinks the Bidens are going to lower the scandals.

  • true teller
    true teller

    Noah stop the theatrics, you're acting like a f-ing moron embarrassing yourself. is the views worth so much you have to lower yourself? you should talk to dave chapelle, he will teach you how to be a better human.

  • Andre Lavoie
    Andre Lavoie

    So, no qualms over joe LYING about not knowing anything about hunters business ventures, even when he had keys made for him, Jill, James, and that Chinese operative. And when joe was collecting money 10% as a kick back (emails prove all) all while hunter was gallivanting around the world on a crack binge financed by that Chinese money. Ya, honest perspective on this channel, ur bias is so overwhelming it has clouded the logic center of your brain. Try making a joke and not being a shill for the Democrat party for 5 seconds. It might feel good!

  • justin castillo
    justin castillo

    Donald's unsolicited pardons is paranoia.

  • April Devine
    April Devine

    Trump thinks if someone just talks to him they become criminals. Why would he think that?**Rump should be proud of Hunter Biden, since he’s the king of tax evaders, along with his evil spawn.

    • April Devine
      April Devine

      @Randy Cleveland if all of his write-offs were legal, I’d join the Republican Party. Happy holidays, wear a mask.

    • Randy Cleveland
      Randy Cleveland

      So now by taking legal tax deductions is tax evasion. You mouth breathers are too much!

  • bkit5

    Lol trump is very much like homer simpson sometimes.

  • bkit5

    What the fuck? FBI postponed the investigation because it would effect the election? That's corruption, they didn't do that to Hillary Clinton.

    • Randy Cleveland
      Randy Cleveland

      Thats because Obama was president at the time. He also started an FBI investigation and spied on the Trump campaign.

  • bijness2000

    What a dishonest piece of crap. What a disappointment!

    • Randy Cleveland
      Randy Cleveland

      Biden? Agreed!

  • The Hulk And Nancy show
    The Hulk And Nancy show

    Hunter biden is working with China

  • Drug Vash
    Drug Vash

    Hunter has lier written all over his smug face. And Noah....I find you disgusting

  • tyrone shoelace
    tyrone shoelace

    Go back to South Africa where you belong

  • Andrew Landes
    Andrew Landes

    They will delay the investigation until Joe can pardon him.

  • Omar Garcia Bonelly
    Omar Garcia Bonelly

    Right after his father's elections, so convenient. Why not before? Ohhh, daddy's little son would ruin his presidential campaign. At the end all these democrats get rich by pledging on poor people, and poor people stay poor, ask Obama($70 million net worth, my god!!!) They want your vote so they can get rich, that's it. Well played Joe...

  • mmzpop

    Trevor, can you do a piece in support of Andrew Cuomo and Eric Swalwell, in addition to Hunter? It's not looking good for them. Swalwell may have compromised national security with a Chinese spy and Cuomo is facing sexual harassment accusations.

  • Alpha Stormer
    Alpha Stormer

    Lol... they are investigating his ties to China and the communist spy's of the CCP!! The Tax BS is nothing more than a cover. And your doing a damn good job at helping them! Thanks

  • Ameya S
    Ameya S

    Rich people like Trump and Hunter don't go to jail for tax fraud...they just pay a fine and that's pretty much it....actually the real tragedy is how many loop holes are there in the country's tax system for the rich to do tax fraud so easily!!!

  • Alpha Stormer
    Alpha Stormer

    And Sellout!!

  • Alpha Stormer
    Alpha Stormer

    The Biden's have made them selves worth Billions if not Trillions from the Collusion undertaken between them and the Chinese Communist Party "CCP", and the UK government. It's disgusting!! They all need to be Jailed along with members of our own US governing parties, Including members of the CIA, FBI, the Bush family, Mr.Obama and the damn Clinton's and many other Politicians bought out by China, Iran, the UK and other nations!! The .Gov Corruption is beyond belief! Hell...might as well add CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS,TWITTER, FACEBOOK, JPflow, GOOGLE to start with and many others. And now Subversively the Chinese have Infiltrated themselves into our Educational systems. We are fucking screwed people! Time to wake up or become a Communist Nation owned by the CCP.

  • Backyard Music Feedback
    Backyard Music Feedback

    Lol of COURSE you would paint him as a hero. Christ...

  • Seth

    Man what are these Trump comedians gonna do soon? Liberal's haven't been funny in so long.

  • O

    Where is Trevor Noah getting all these awesome hoodies?

  • Todd Raymond
    Todd Raymond

    Hunter Biden did what Paul Manafort did, and Paul's in jail. When does the impeachment of Biden begin to make Harris POTUS?

  • Lee Adickes
    Lee Adickes

    Holy cognitive dissonance. Holy shit this hits the news and all you do is talk Trump. Talk about double standards.

  • Ninja Kitty Show
    Ninja Kitty Show

    What I'm really looking forward to next year is not having Trump shoved in my face on a daily basis by the news. Can we PLEASE stop talking about him?

  • Chef Zak
    Chef Zak

    This didn't come "roaring back". It was intentionally suppressed during the election to prevent political consequences (kind of like when corona became political). My issue with this is that they are alleging a serious conflict of interest, in which Hunter took advantage of his father's political power. I think that it should have had a political impact, at least more than what Trump paid in taxes privately.

  • Dalmain J
    Dalmain J

    Lil Wayne needs a fucking pardon.