Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters: The Complete Collection | The Daily Social Distancing Show
Here’s one hour of Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters: The Complete Collection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #DonaldTrump
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  • Brew Werb
    Brew Werb

    At 13:55 there's a black guy standing behind them in a white shirt and black pants. Lol, there's always a random black person literally anywhere... if you look closely 😂

  • Jenna Hyser
    Jenna Hyser

    I’m not even a Trump supporter but no shit they didn’t mean America was great in standards to the civil rights people didn’t have. This is so baiting.

  • Mc GamerGuy
    Mc GamerGuy

    Wait...this is fake right? come on for people to be this has to be fake...right??

  • Jenna Hyser
    Jenna Hyser

    It’s disgusting to think how much they may cut these clips just like Avi Yemini exposed Jim Jefferies for cutting his clips and putting different answers of his to different questions and him talking shit about Muslims off camera but then making avi look like an Islamaphobe and like he was sticking up for them.

  • happymama

    Are those mics heavy? 😂

  • Mike K
    Mike K

  • Swab Atholon
    Swab Atholon

    Willing to bet America won’t last a couple more generations

  • Spencer Smith
    Spencer Smith

    I really wonder where Obama was during 9/11 and why he wasn’t in the Oval Office??🤦🏻🤦🏻😂

  • Brendan Morgan
    Brendan Morgan

    I feel a little dumber after watching this.

  • Arkan

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  • Carlos Montesinos
    Carlos Montesinos

    Well... you can't say the signs wheren't right there all this time

  • Vee Frain
    Vee Frain

    Woman: MASK OFF Him: IM WORRIED ABOUT COVID Woman: OH ALRIGHT why was that the part that made me laugh the hardest?

  • yamichio

    27:47 at least he thinks a woman can be president

  • TrenchesTommy

    I have a love-hate relationship with this video, it's funny how he uses their "logic" against them, but it's sad to see what the world has come to

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks

    56:41. This guy is definitely a discord mod

  • Maria Scheer
    Maria Scheer

    Are these people for real? ANTIFA... What? They don't even know what the hell Antifa stands for.

  • PandaMonium 9
    PandaMonium 9

    I laughed...but this is sad. These people... I can't even begin to think on their wavelength.

  • Maybe Caleb
    Maybe Caleb

    34:52 HE F**KING CALLED IT (not the five more years, but the impeachment again)

  • RettaRetta BrodhurstBrodhurst
    RettaRetta BrodhurstBrodhurst

    The automatic capital notablely phone because dimple appropriately announce past a scared grandmother. clumsy, classy garage

  • Huma Taard
    Huma Taard

    Klepper lets em pull thier own nooses

  • stopreadingmyname

    "The 80s were great! Great music, video games!" "Crack Cocaine"

  • DeSjeft

    I love this so much.

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong

    Hahah the kid behind the girl dabbing at 23:23

  • Ilyssa Hagood
    Ilyssa Hagood

    we read the transcript, were are wrong. They don't read the transcript, they are right😂 I love it

  • Taken Hostage
    Taken Hostage

    At this point I’m not even mad like look at these weirdos 😩🤣🤣🤣

  • Ilyssa Hagood
    Ilyssa Hagood

    okay let me think... no😂

  • Pushkin

    My bad. This is an earlier compilation.

  • Ilyssa Hagood
    Ilyssa Hagood

    16:40 he reminds me of that apparently kid. He sounds the same😂

  • Pushkin

    Why is no one wearing a mask.

  • Amanda

    Welp, I’m packing my bags and moving to Canada in my private jet, who wants to come??

  • Ajay Blake
    Ajay Blake

    Holy Mary, Mother of women who think like these chicks do. Some female u care about gets raped, and u hear the rapist brag about it would u say its just boys talking then let it go? 😳 Also A lot of Dudes that talk filth like this should not be allowed to procreate let alone be freed w out sterilization. Control Your Fn urges. Don't keep ur boys boys. Raise them to be men. 😐

  • Funk Child
    Funk Child

    He was a well tanned WHITE man!!!!! He wasn’t even black. Lmao!!!!!!!😂



  • Funk Child
    Funk Child

    Shows the importance of white people

  • Ashley Capoli
    Ashley Capoli

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  • 700 CLUB
    700 CLUB

    Destroying Trumpsters should be the title lol

  • Preyfix

    The irony of these people literally makes me hurt

  • Michael T
    Michael T

    As I was googling "worst kind of idiot" for a word to describe these people, literally all the results were about Trump!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can't stop laughing!!!! This is not a joke!!

  • Michael T
    Michael T

    I can't tell if my head hurts from all the facepalms or from the extreme idiocy I just witnessed!!!! I have never seen so much stupidity in one video. To say these people are idiotic morons is the understatement of the century!!!

  • bonk

    they lost... i’ve never seen people so lost in their own delusion

  • bonk

    53:21 “southern pride” but you’re the FARTHEST north 😭😭

  • daddy c
    daddy c

    I'm 1000% sure those male reporters have tampon dispensers in there cars (whiney voices what about women's voting rights n gay rights)

  • CJ Woods
    CJ Woods

    "Barack Obama caused 9/11 4 not being around." Little did he know Obama wasn't U.S. president yet. I know that and im 13

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord

    The segment at 47:11 is just so incredibly stupid yet hilarious. And IRONIC

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord

    Something about “pro-gun” and “pro-life” being on the same sign is uhh, ironic..

  • Trevon Walker
    Trevon Walker

    Welcome to America lol. So sad.....

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard

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  • Rebekah Lee
    Rebekah Lee

    Jordan is my hero. He deserves hazard pay.

  • morg sona
    morg sona

    4.1k republicans disliked this vid. Uggies

  • Moreece Killigen
    Moreece Killigen

    Where are all the people that at least have a jist of WHY they like Trump, and can create a coherent conversation outside of the bullshit coming out of these people's mouths?! Matter of fact both sides. Where are all the intellectuals that can have an intelligent conversation outside of how racist, misogynistic, or "lgbtxyz"phobic each side is! They must be hiding somewhere... that or burning at the stake for "political heresy".

  • notfiveo

    To be successful Trumpansies think all you need is a lot of ignorance and an over abundance of confidence.

  • Louis Bloom
    Louis Bloom

    A bag of rocks that have been stuck in the sewers for a hundreds of years are more intelligent than trump supporters.

  • Breveleri

    Please tell me these are fake lmao

    • Cynthia Isako
      Cynthia Isako

      Unfortunately no. Scary right ???

  • abcd 1234
    abcd 1234

    27:32 love the video but that dude's math was indeed correct

  • flore Lantsoght
    flore Lantsoght

    I’m so glad I’m not an American, these people are dangerous

  • Hecham Saadani
    Hecham Saadani

    I don't know if I'm laughing or crying

  • Rabbit

    The china thing had me dying lmaoooo

  • Chris Booth
    Chris Booth

    These people are special. The women trying to justify anything Trump says or does is just amazing.

  • Who spilled My beans
    Who spilled My beans

    They act like trump is the healthiest, youngest man on earth. He’s obese. And in his 70’s

  • Nelly Hartnell
    Nelly Hartnell

    *M E X I C O*

  • Lindsey Rasmussen
    Lindsey Rasmussen

    Love these clips. Best content on JPflow and best part of Comedy Central at the moment

  • Enano P
    Enano P

    20 yrs from now, we’ll be looking back at this and continue to be dumbfounded.

  • Who spilled My beans
    Who spilled My beans

    Tbh I don’t want to see circus performers get hurt, I want them to showcase their talents but I get the metaphor

  • Jason Doakes
    Jason Doakes

    This like "The color purple", "Schindler's List", "Mississippi Burning" and the like, it hurts to watch but you have to see it to understand at least a little bit how bad it is/was.

  • yolaanda tui
    yolaanda tui

    fck trump puntasss

  • L Sok
    L Sok

    The Comedy writes itself... I don't have half as much patience as Jordan

  • Yezpahr


  • Tino Sanchez
    Tino Sanchez

    Yooo lol that old man predicted the future! Trump really did get impeached twice!

  • Midou Midouu
    Midou Midouu

    The man had it right, it was about terms.

  • Sam Elge
    Sam Elge

    28:00 the fact that he doesn’t realize that Dynasties are a one way trip to dictatorship baffles me.

  • jekl

    Trumpies complain about gay people and then listen to Tiny Dancer at a Trump rally, and if that doesn't explain the entirety of their logic I don't know what will.

  • sdv73168 aka Jigabyte
    sdv73168 aka Jigabyte

    Obviously we all know why this horrible pandemic has spread so much so quickly and killing so many in this country. Thanks to Trump and his flock of sheep.

  • Dawn Gene
    Dawn Gene

    35:59 she did a nazi salute right?

  • melissa saint
    melissa saint

    7:38 how does the world not know that middle-aged men also have hormonal fluctuations and mood shifts? It's weird.

  • melissa saint
    melissa saint

    Without breaking a few pieces of China? Is that a real version of the idiom??

  • sdv73168 aka Jigabyte
    sdv73168 aka Jigabyte

    God almighty these people are stupid + infinite... Lol

  • superspyke1

    34:50.. Man's predicted the future.. LMFAO!

  • Vũ Trương Quang
    Vũ Trương Quang

    27:41 i dont know if it's just coincidence but the shirt predicted Trump's loss. If that thing is real then Ivanka 2024 ???

  • black power
    black power

    What a bunch of idiots

  • J Moreno
    J Moreno

    Bro really said slavery and “the Indian thing” were hiccups 😂😂😂😂

  • Wyatt Gillespie
    Wyatt Gillespie

    I appreciate the effort put into putting the ads in between each section. Very cash money of you.

  • Official_KingG 26
    Official_KingG 26

    1 thing about Trump is he gave the racist & insecure people the courage to take the hoods off & finally show themselves to the public.

  • Jordan Chapman
    Jordan Chapman

    God... I hate being related to these type of people my own damn mother is exactly like this

    • Sinoca M
      Sinoca M

      And suddenly I like my family much more. Hold on in there, must be unbearable difficult.

  • Lelo

    Lmfao, "is that a Jew watch?"

  • hector alonzo
    hector alonzo

    Well... trump itself said it, the dumbest people are the republicans and he’s taking advantage 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



    • Excuse You?
      Excuse You?

      *partial wall

  • Gen X.
    Gen X.

    This is why we think they are stupid. Because they can't even tell when people are obviously making fun of them...

  • Dennis Weiss
    Dennis Weiss

    So honestly, were this real interviews, or were this actors? Really, this just can't be real and plays way too much into the confirmation bias, right? Right?

  • Malik DShawn
    Malik DShawn

    27:55 dude is trying to recreate math😂💀💀💀

  • Jaiden Wright
    Jaiden Wright

    At 6:37 the Guys face when the guy in the top hat said

  • I’m Jugg
    I’m Jugg

    They need to have IQ tests before voting, these people obviously aren’t educated enough to be making decisions for America.

  • Sheila Davis Kagan
    Sheila Davis Kagan

    Right on, Jordan! You expose the ignorance, hate and xenophobia. Unfortunately, they're too stupid to understand. Good grief!

  • Lazy Frenchie
    Lazy Frenchie

    How does he manage to keep cool?

  • bishygim

    hahahaha ”is that a jew watch”

  • Miyananana

    You can see him lose his sanity as the years go on. By the end of the video he was talking back a lot more and I really believe it’s because these trump supporters who were already dumb just somehow got dumb as his term ended.

  • YouTube Account
    YouTube Account

    Imagine liking democracy lol.

  • Ned Studios
    Ned Studios

    Please share with 10 Trump supporters to get your FREE commemorative Capitol siege: "were all going to prison, instead of Hillary" button. (this is not a real offer you wont win anything, PS. YOU FAILED)

  • Evie Shadoff
    Evie Shadoff

    Jordan: So you agree with extreme vetting? Maga man: Yeah! Well, just make 'em eat bacon! My great grandparents were born in America and so has every generation since. I can't eat bacon. Guess I better go back to Poland.

  • Andrea Chavez
    Andrea Chavez

    The guy that agreed and repeated "Crack cocaine" LOL

  • Chris Curran
    Chris Curran

    The fact Jordan hasn’t punched someone yet amazes me