Meghan Markle Starts a Podcast & Tom Cruise Is Pissed About COVID | The Daily Social Distancing Show
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get into podcasting, CNN confronts a Russian assassin for allegedly poisoning a Putin critic, Tom Cruise unleashes on crew members who broke coronavirus protocol, and the World Health Organization says Santa is immune to COVID. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus
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  • Jazz Lez
    Jazz Lez

    “ is there assassins manager” 😂

  • Dan Fawks
    Dan Fawks

    Being famous doesnt give you the right for laboral abuse

  • Tomeka Simon
    Tomeka Simon

    I need whatever it is that Trevor is using on his he has Fro tomorrow low a sista out...

  • Teresa Williams
    Teresa Williams

    If reference to Mr Cruise outburst how many of us will never hug or kiss our loved ones because of the impact of this virus. How many of who got sick and died because of not taking it seriously no masks no social distancing no hand washing. How many still think it is a hoax in spite of the many deaths still worldwide. Wake up people.

  • I Billy
    I Billy

    i love you , bro trevor . you good

  • Jason Low
    Jason Low

    Tom Cruise is right to be angry. Your feelings of being yelled at is secondary to the health and safety of everyone during the pandemic.

  • lebohang sekese
    lebohang sekese

    why do i see only soccer world cups on your display Trevor, what about tennis, basketball , soft ball, volley ball, netball,

  • Kay Bullock
    Kay Bullock

    That fro.. is getting huge dude........ love it...

  • Jo B
    Jo B

    Omg TreNo ... you’re keeping me alive rn - but still on the fence w the cruise shit

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • Carline Tessier
    Carline Tessier

    Bravo Tom too many idiots are downplay the virus. I wish I could hell on some people around me like that. They are party all the time in group like the world is the same. when you protected yourself and get infected by irresponsible people this is double painful.

  • Rachel Van
    Rachel Van

    Is there an assassin manager?

  • The challenge
    The challenge

    Now I know more news because of trevor ....please everybody subscribe to my channel (The challege) thank you

  • Donata Coombs Farrell
    Donata Coombs Farrell

    love love it

  • Kris

    I was curious if Tom Cruise would say something stupid. Nope. I wonder what he would say to President Superspreader? He doesn’t have to say anything. We voted. “You’re fired, Donald.”

  • Manuel Daniel
    Manuel Daniel

    Don't answer the door, it's some religious cult

  • David Richardson
    David Richardson

    Harry and Meghan don't have a "real" job? Trevor, tell me again what it is you do

  • TheGrandy123

    4:45 cruise was right.

  • albert mooney
    albert mooney

    2020 is weird.

  • Jerry Chen
    Jerry Chen

    That journalist going to that assassin’s house is a courage I will never have.

  • Dante'

    Tom Cruise at McDonalds. Who put the $&@!!! on my kids meal cheeseburger?!?How am I supposed to eat that $&@!!?🍔

  • The One And Only Luchi
    The One And Only Luchi

    Cruise went a little overboard. But I get that he doesn’t want anyone to loose their jobs. So it’s honestly 50/50 good and bad.(also why is Trevor Noah supporting Karens)😂

  • Debbie Haines
    Debbie Haines

    I need that hoodie!

  • KiraLyricalMuse

    Ahahahahha santa is patiently 0

  • Emily Van Heukelom
    Emily Van Heukelom

    I’m proud of Meghan for making an American out of her prince! That’s how we do, we work for our livings! Now if they could please have a baby... I couldn’t ask for more.

  • Shira Cremeans
    Shira Cremeans

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  • Jocelyn Mercado
    Jocelyn Mercado

    Oh harry why this mess

  • celso1 manalo
    celso1 manalo

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  • LynnP

    That reporter is totally badass and mostly nutz! But way badass. But crazy. Wow!

    • LynnP

      And badass, and crazy!

  • Sim Ousta
    Sim Ousta


  • Andi M
    Andi M

    You’re seriously endorsing this psychotic behavior? 🥴

  • Zachary Bohlman
    Zachary Bohlman

    01:35 Americans: *huh?*

  • Joey V
    Joey V


  • Lawrence Bauer Lawrence
    Lawrence Bauer Lawrence

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  • Eno Jerry
    Eno Jerry

    Let's talk about that dead body Trevor

  • Serge Cruz
    Serge Cruz

    I'm with Tom

  • Its_our_time_to_Shine

    Santa is immune from corvid Kids: mommy I saw Santa wearing a mask at the mall

  • Zivem Mavad
    Zivem Mavad

    The adamant bugle cephalometrically tame because care ultrastructually remember for a small month. dead, bouncy dry

  • Darren Wise2
    Darren Wise2

    if santa is immune, santa can still carry the virus he should get tested often and shouldnt travel super spreading the virus lmao

  • KISA xoxo
    KISA xoxo

    1week, 1.6m view. Time to drop His jokes are getting predictable

  • Alberto Uriarte III
    Alberto Uriarte III

    tom cruise is in Les Grossman Mode

  • Sanaa Jade
    Sanaa Jade

    we need Santa's blood lol

  • Mona Foxx
    Mona Foxx

    Trevor.... your sure kinda worthless....

  • Candy Wilson
    Candy Wilson

    I don't know why parents are giving credit to a man when they work hard to provide for their family . It's over for me and my family except for a couple of people .

  • Burr Anderson
    Burr Anderson

    Four of the most overrated predicatble actors in the universe are Ethan Hawke, TomCruise, Nicholas Cage, and Keanu Reeves. They all have their schtick. Same genre for every film, a formula created for them as macho-he-men that can get out of any situation and get the girl. Really? What's the point.

  • Taliesin

    Yeah, Sandy Claws is the cause of all of it.

  • Hami Hu Oma
    Hami Hu Oma

    I like how grandma said tushay 😀

  • Anna Mangold
    Anna Mangold

    Of course Tom Cruise is pissed, if his production is shut down because someone has Covid, he loses time and money. Stay safe and wear 😷

  • kindface

    OK, people, it was all a stunt and Tom was all in. Mission accomplished - the movie's going to sell like hot cakes now. And I'm the first in line.

  • Blue Hawaii
    Blue Hawaii

    Megan is a disaster to the English Royal family. The prince Harry should move to America with Megan to continue live an American style.

  • Victoria Foster
    Victoria Foster

    I agree with Trevor, Tom Cruise was in the right. Tom is in charge of the set and if employees dont want to follow procedures, they should be fired.

  • Henry Ortiz
    Henry Ortiz

    White women have the bravery of superman, and the untouchability of Galactus. so no wonder.

  • Priscilla Wilson
    Priscilla Wilson

    We love Tom Cruise and it's too late to turn back.

  • rosh181992

    Fuck, the journalists was so brave!

  • Donna B.
    Donna B.

    Don't EVER piss off Tom.

  • Sass McFrass
    Sass McFrass

    I never thought I’d say this but I’m 100% on Tom Cruise’s side on this one.

  • Real Brian
    Real Brian

    Trevor should just braid that afro now and get it over with👍🏽

  • No Thu
    No Thu

    0:22 my love video :X.

  • Judy Moore
    Judy Moore

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  • Fernando Chairez
    Fernando Chairez

    I'm just tired of looking at your dead skin mask, don't hide from me I can tell who it is by everything else that you aren't. Don't run your mouths about my nigga and I can tell it's always been more then one holding up that cheap suit.

  • Janine Campbell
    Janine Campbell

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  • Lawrence Bauer Lawrence
    Lawrence Bauer Lawrence

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  • thebachu786

    It's a bad look for Tom cruise.

  • Lyssette Wilson
    Lyssette Wilson

    Yup, TC shouted and I am on his side.

  • Joseph

    Trevor Noah

  • Trevlind Ramquez
    Trevlind Ramquez

    That female reporter is gangster. She got some balls on her. Straight up asking if he poisoned Putin’s number one critic. She gets five stars for that. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

  • Garth Bekker Buksie
    Garth Bekker Buksie

    Tom was right in every way. Nothing wrong with what Tom said and or did.

  • Kunal Chalia
    Kunal Chalia

    I think this Santa news will turn into serious conspiracy after a few years and as serious as some of the recent ones.

  • Damon Blade
    Damon Blade

    I love Tom Cruise

  • Haywood Jablohmi
    Haywood Jablohmi

    They finally made it, podcast royalty is the highest level of success

  • Lee F
    Lee F

    Thank you for talking about us and this whole Navalny situation

  • Huera Rubia
    Huera Rubia

    Thank goodness The Lady did not get assassin

  • Suzanne Goodfellow
    Suzanne Goodfellow

    I agree, I think Tom Cruise was right He's trying to provide jobs for a lot of people and entertainment for us later. If he can do this maybe other new movies/shows can be done so we can stop watching all the reruns. Although I still love Risky Business, Top Gun, Mission impossible...☺

  • ReneW

    Tom Cruise is unhinged. Thinks he's yelling at some low level Scientology members.

  • 5StarFilmz

    There is no reason you shouldn't have a haircut bro...

  • amig host
    amig host

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  • Banjo Tanner
    Banjo Tanner

    I like Daily Show. I like Trevor. But what was that impression of the American journalist interviewing the Russian assassin? She was completely polite, and y'all are acting like she was pulling some Karen shit. If a dude had done what she had done, no one would imitate him acting like some sassy pissed off customer. Sexist shit.

  • Auntris Braxton
    Auntris Braxton

    Ummm, CNN is gangsta.

  • Barbara Pelletier
    Barbara Pelletier

    In the interest of good guesses, how many different colors of hoodies, including waffle type, would you guess that Trevor has in his wardrobe?

  • Madame Lynnett
    Madame Lynnett

    You used to just be dusty but now ur DUSTY.

  • Zack Arnaud
    Zack Arnaud

    I can't believe he's putting santa on blast like that before Christmas. Trevor ain't afraid of getting coal.

  • Erica A
    Erica A

    Go Tom!!👍👍

  • Broyen Carpenter
    Broyen Carpenter

    That Woman got IRON BALLS!

  • Aaron Fernandez
    Aaron Fernandez


  • togul999

    Trevor, your appearance suggests you haven’t shower since lockdown. But, you can shower! You won’t get the virus! Is is good and healthy! You will feel better! And you won’t look dirty, unkept, lazy.

  • She Bop
    She Bop

    That behavior isn't new for Tom, I bet he's always been like that. Trevor never fails to make me laugh about things that normally make me want to cry.

  • Leo Zheng
    Leo Zheng

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  • Dreary Collective
    Dreary Collective

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  • Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller

    I love how he says Santa Claus. And how he sings Happy birthday 🎉

  • RJ Brightstar
    RJ Brightstar

    I really hope someone comes out with a tiny Tom Cruise doll that yells at people who don’t wear their masks. A Pocket Tom equipped with a button we can push to play him screaming and yelling. I would love this when I have to brave the sea of idiots who wear their masks below their noses at the store when I have to go out for supplies.

  • Cesar Aguilar
    Cesar Aguilar

    OMG she's lucky!

  • Shoe Hustle
    Shoe Hustle

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  • Ayad Ali
    Ayad Ali

    🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️Was that really necessary to tell us, WHO?!🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Eric

    The mask he is wearing is great for him, but it exhausts out a valve, not through the filter. If he is truly concerned about using good safety measures, then get a proper mask. Loser...

  • 김희건

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  • PapaStone

    It's not Santa who is patient zero, it was Borat

  • Kathleen McKee
    Kathleen McKee

    YeS! "I don't want to see Chris Cuomo talking to 10 people in a box!" CNN reporters going out on the street and doing investigative reporting... more needed.

  • Siddhant Kailkhura
    Siddhant Kailkhura

    All support to Tom Cruise.

  • Dave Reid - Daly
    Dave Reid - Daly

    You talk shit all day !!! An assassin, what rubbish.....

  • Black Magician
    Black Magician

    In fuller extended cut of the audio- Tom does go on to reason that families in the industry depend on production shootings to pay for lively hood and colleges and that it is the people on the set production responsibility to take secure measures more seriously. So unlike with Christian Bale's Terminator Salvation behind the productio rant abiut- someone eatting donuts. Cruises's does have at least some validity behind dr Jeykll Mr. Hyde outbreak. Edit- 😄It's great that Santa is immune to the virus, but I still think he won't be making his rounds over North Korean air space.😅