Your House Can Smell Like Drake & The Queen Is Hiring | The Daily Social Distancing Show
A Chinese robot collects samples on the moon, the U.N. backs down on labeling marijuana as a dangerous drug, Drake’s latest release is a candle that smells like him, and Queen Elizabeth needs a new personal assistant. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #GoodNews
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  • Breeta Banerjee
    Breeta Banerjee

    2:53 Seriously? Can't Israel and Palestine be "friends" and just "not hate each other"? OMG can't the colonizers and the colonised people be "friends" and "not hate each other"? ? Can't the slave-traders and enslaved people be "friends" and "not hate each other"? Or can't they just smoke pot and not do anything about them hating each other?? Like peace out?? A gentle self-reminder about how one can be generally empathic and ignorant and callous at the same time. Dear TDS team, don't use references of grave circumstance with such power imbalance if your jokes can't empower the powerless and voiceless. Because then it's as fun as bullying, to put it most mildly.

  • Usnavi Burr
    Usnavi Burr

    No, Trevor. The virus could be around in places other than China weeks before China reported it. It is either none of these other countries didn't even know that it was COVID or they knew and waited for someone else to report it first. Pathetic for you to still roast China on this.

  • Afthab 23
    Afthab 23

    2 sexy men on thumpnail, I clicked!

  • Ashley B. is me
    Ashley B. is me

    I'd love to see Idris on the show! 🤞😊

  • Zenawarriorprincess

    Yesss I can get high in any country now

  • Fiona Matu
    Fiona Matu

    The Nigerian accent needs improvement 😊

  • Manufan909 1
    Manufan909 1

    Why would anyone want to sneak like Canadian B.O.?

  • bummers

    Did Trevor's writer get a pay-off by Trump or something? What's this thing about China lying about their covid-19 numbers?

  • odhopkins

    3:46 picnic table cloth lookin ass!!!!

  • corynardin

    The China mission was completely autonomous. No humans in space. America is still the only country to have set foot on the moon. For now anyway.

  • 岸グレン

    Does that mean my house will smell like Millie Bobby Brown? 😉

  • Steve .Rogers
    Steve .Rogers

    Thank u for the gay moon rocks xoxo 🏳️‍🌈

  • Danqing Wang
    Danqing Wang

    I guess instead of visiting the moon, it's best time for spaceX to launch?

  • 1313fina

    "...just when everyone discovered they lied about their numbers and the extent of the outbreak in Wuhan." Wow, Trevor. I expected better from you. I know you're a comedic show, but I thought you'd have the resources to do a little research.

  • Seetiyan

    Funny visual gag, but for real, I'd absolutely go to a slumber party with Merkel. I could lean some things from her. It's cool that Germany actually elected a freaking scientist.

  • GoGo Wonderful Life
    GoGo Wonderful Life

    所以中國慶幸有中國共產黨 中共以道德哲學治天下 順天應人 德配天地 今日中國物華天寶人傑地靈 中共真是哲學家皇帝的典範 哈哈哈哈哈哈 這西方資本集團之代理人 及其地下官媒 講了半天得到的結論 還是因為今天中國強大了 你若積弱貧困 人家不會吝惜多踩踏你幾下的 所以中國慶幸有中國共產黨 中共以道德哲學治天下 順天應人 德配天地 今日中國物華天寶人傑地靈 中共真是哲學家皇帝的典範 哈哈哈哈哈哈 有一樣是不變的, 就是利用人性的貪婪所建立起來的信仰根基是不變的, 這就是為什麼這種宗教嚴重創傷了廢渣的道德良知,這也就是為什麽那麽多人會理直氣壯地昧著良心做違背天理的事了,這也就是為什麽信印佛處多不是人了,這就是為什麼新唐人多不是人了~~ 哈哈哈哈哈哈 哈哈哈哈哈 什麼新唐人 根本就是印唐 印佛化的唐人 真不是人 自以為代表中國 真不要臉 哈哈哈哈哈 港獨 台獨 新唐人 法輪功 達賴六四 大紀元 明鏡 全是一夥的 就像老孫悟空 欺侮 中國的眾神 卻在別國威權 印佛腳下 被制得死死的 哈哈哈哈哈 你懂的 人人都說悟空棒 霸凌悟空無人問 印佛欺壓無人權 利令智昏 愛拜老王 印佛就是老王 觀音就是小三 哈哈哈哈哈 吃爹吃娘 謝老王 正是朝聖這些印佛寺廟 的行為寫照 真不是人 ======== 美其名是信仰,事實上這群印度皇民的慾望比天高比海深,還想用不自求的方式獲得,是不是有點期待錯誤了呀~~ 您發現了嗎?唐僧西行取印經,陪行的團隊有妖沙凈、豬八戒、孫悟空,其共同的特點就是:都不是人。換言之,支持唐僧西行取印經的✦不是人✦,哈哈~~ 原來印佛告訴唐僧他有一隻糞金之石牛要送給唐僧,唐僧不疑有它,於是打通了印唐的通道,結果印佛乘勢而大驅直入,幾乎滅了中原文化~~ 而糞金之石牛,確成了糞屎之牛,把中國人的道業搞髒了,哈哈哈哈哈~~ 中國人被這種糞金的錯誤期待教化,耽誤了數千年之久,還好有文化大革命,才把這錯誤的信仰掃除,中國人的能量才得以激發~~ 別再捧印度皇民了,拜託~~ 就像一些人最後也撐不過印佛的利誘,成為印度皇民, 唉,終究做不到 : 富貴不能淫 -- 不受印佛大餅利誘 貧賤不能移 -- 不羡印佛受人供養 威武不能屈 -- 不懼印佛地獄魔窟之精神恫嚇 哈哈哈

  • reginaldino enchillada
    reginaldino enchillada

    USA could have built a base and done a lot in 44 yrs. Now others have the ability. Another advantage squandered.

  • lily boone
    lily boone

    Moon rocks didn't seem to hold massive amounts of information. That's why we didn't revisit this for so long. However, we are understanding the information that can be gathered from the electrons and protons from rocks more completely.

  • Diana Wong
    Diana Wong

    First, China's moon exploration is thanks to its good control of the epidemic Second, it is China that sent a robotic craft to the moon. The craft didn't carry virus with it, because the epidemic in China has been well controlled. People's lives are back to normal. They can travel freely and go to another city without quarantine. Third, ofcourse it is a good time to visit the moon, because now is the luanch window!😂

  • Julio Camacho-Vicente
    Julio Camacho-Vicente

    Goodbye, moonmen.

  • Clyde Fu
    Clyde Fu

    Yeah yeah I just wanna know what you gonna say to Elon and his team who have also been doing rocket studies during COVID-19 time. (Not offensive. I love Elon 🙋‍♂️) And don’t get jealous of how nice China controlled the epidemic situation. We don’t have a Trump.

  • Will U Smoke good bud
    Will U Smoke good bud

    Trumpty Dumpty bet on a wall. Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the white nationalist & All the Klansmen. Could not put Trumpty back in office again.😂. copy share and paste

  • Sabrina Camargo
    Sabrina Camargo

    Yes, Trevor is funny, but we don't talk about how fine he is as often as we should

  • Vumbhoni Clifford Mnisi
    Vumbhoni Clifford Mnisi


  • Alpha Russel
    Alpha Russel

    Trevor has an unbelievable talent imitating other accents. Love this guy makes me laugh every time

  • Derrick Adu
    Derrick Adu

    GhanaJollof always the best

  • Best China Info
    Best China Info

    When did you stop being funny Trevor Noah? The minute you sold out? My guess is that the reverse is more likely.. that is, the minute you realised you weren't funny anymore - you sold out..

    • pianopeach

      What are you talking about?

  • Best China Info
    Best China Info

    China didn't lie about anything. The virus, it turns out, was thriving in the US weeks before it was discovered and identified as a new coronavirus in Wuhan, China. See: So, this now begs the question: "When did you sell out Trevor Noah?"

    • 1313fina

      I mean, I was already disappointed after the Wuhan pool party incident. This is literally just icing on the cake. Whatever, it's not like every other Western news media out there is fine for national and international news, but totally untrustworthy when it comes to China and anything related to it.

  • Yabsera Haile
    Yabsera Haile

    Sweden Prime minister with a Jamaican accent doesn't get better than that

  • Botlhale Ramainoane
    Botlhale Ramainoane

    China is tryna kill us really 😂

  • Abdifatah Ahmed
    Abdifatah Ahmed

    I love the impressions that makes 🤣🤣🤣

  • anybody606

    Harry and Meghan are looking better and better with time

  • sy

    nothing to worry about the aliens, they have all been killed by Aids brought up to the moon by the US already

  • Fadumo M
    Fadumo M

    That alien was scary

  • Don Dodo
    Don Dodo

    Yo hold on right there dude, Trump is still around and you are so eager to be next Trump now.

  • dance donutsdedication
    dance donutsdedication

    TREVOR'S british accent at 6:11 is PRICELESSS😂😂😂

  • dance donutsdedication
    dance donutsdedication

    Y'ALL HE DID IT. HE BROUGHT UP THE JOLLOF WARS. i'm weakkkkkkkkk😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Just in case there was any confusion though, Nigerian jollof is better😝

  • The Orator Ese
    The Orator Ese

    Hahahhaahha lol maybe smoking week can end the Nigeria and Ghana jollof war 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇳🇬✊🏽

  • Shinigami Gaming Inc.
    Shinigami Gaming Inc.

    Its written out un british pounds and not dead presidents.

  • Waldorf Arya
    Waldorf Arya

    For real, it's sad to see that Trevor make such malicious joke about China's moon landing... as an Astronomy enthusiast, I don't care whether China lies about epidemic data or not. the one thing I know is that this time she really did a good job to the development of astronomy. Before you make such 'funny' joke, plz see how many people died in our country because the Government incompetence

  • Bingo717

    China lied ?Democrats won due to election fraud ? Repeat the same things a million times and it becomes the truth, idiots will always be idiots.

  • Brian Nooning
    Brian Nooning

    I just choked on my drink laughing so hard at his world leader smoking weed impression, lmao. Spit it out all over. 🤣

  • Sarina Freeman
    Sarina Freeman

    hello china guy, it is illegal to visit utube

  • Arnoldi 254
    Arnoldi 254

    Any leader smoking pot? Have you not met H.E Uhuru Jayden Muigai Kenyatta

  • Rearabetswe Masule
    Rearabetswe Masule

    I thought he was talking about the soapie when he said The Queen (it's a South African thing)

  • kahlilh1

    Dat boy Trevor smart, not doing any Chinese accents lol

  • Chetan Hatwar
    Chetan Hatwar

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 here in India, media defame the artist, actor who uses marijuana. And irony is our ancient sage written it's medical advantages and it one of the major holy plant.

  • April Yan
    April Yan

    You, Trevor Noah, dealt a huge blow to all who believe there could ever be impartial report from the western media with your China comment

  • Hunter Zeng
    Hunter Zeng

    SpaceX and NASA also sent 3 American astronauts and 1 Japanese astronaut to the International Space Station last month. Why don't you say that they brought the new coronavirus to the International Space Station?

  • Wenhao An
    Wenhao An

    Where did you get the source that China lied about the virus? I didn’t know you turn out to be another racist ignorant guy trying to use sarcasm to bs.

  • 018 POD
    018 POD

    "just when everyone discovered " Who the hell is "everyone"here? Or you are just saying things like Trump?

  • Emi Bubble
    Emi Bubble

    Ngl I forgot Drake is Canadian

  • Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin

    There's some thing huuuuge missing !? Oh ............Trump impressions !

  • Silin Chen
    Silin Chen

    since you still blame China for lying about numbers. I just want to say, we may indeed made mistakes early in the pandemic, but it has nothing to do with US fucking up covid control. By the time Wuhan was in a lockdown, the dumbest president would know this is a big deal. By that time the US has single digit cases and can control the virus. China was caught unguarded by a completely new virus in a transportation hub during the Spring festival when everyone travels around, US had at least a month to prepare, yet still fucked up... Alright Trevor what about this, if covid breaks out in the US, is there a chance US can bring it under control before it spreads around the world? You should have the answer already

    • Silin Chen
      Silin Chen

      of course you can criticize China for the initial response, i would criticize it too as a chinese. However, talking about it over and over again and mentioning it when you talk about lunar missions isn't funny anymore. just admit the fact US screwed up and focus on how to make things better, instead of being a whine bitch shit talking around

  • Jason Tempel
    Jason Tempel

    You make Cannabis smell bad, mon

  • Muhammed Akinyemi
    Muhammed Akinyemi

    Trevor gets every accent right except the Nigerian accent. This is frustrating for me as a Nigerian Trevor Noah fan.

  • Hanwen Liu
    Hanwen Liu

    I'm sure that 99% of Trevor's Chinese fan base is lost because of this video. This is such serious accusation that allegedly "everyone discovered" but without any actual evidence. Feel free to make your guesses about what really happened in Wuhan like real fucking epidemiologists but the truth is none of you ever visit Wuhan or did any research. Who discovered what? What about Wuhan? Does anything else support this claim, beside your ideology or the ones paying you to say so? And why the hell does it matter so much? Even If it is proven that we did hide the numbers, downplayed whatever you think it is, or the virus originated in Wuhan, then what? You're gonna start a war to “dispense justice” like you did to those middle east countries? Or you are not buying made in China anymore like your dear ex-overlord Trump suggested? All the hustle just because you are jealous that China and other Asian countries handled covid 500 times better than you did because you want "freedom to party" over lives? Does blaming China for everything help save the 2,000 American lives that are lost every day? No? Then shut the fuck up. Imagine the whole block is on fire, and the first thing you do is to start blaming your neighbor for leaving the stove, while indifferently watching your brothers and sisters burn in agony. Unsubscribed and will never watch again.

  • Kale Levine
    Kale Levine

    I’m so glad to see Trevor being a sell-out and jealous about China’s moon landing. And I’m glad he didn’t joke about Americans spreading racism to the moon cuz that’s what we should’ve done. :)

  • King Figg
    King Figg

    Trevor is super hilarious damn 🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Kk K
    Kk K


    • Kk K
      Kk K

      Im so glad i unfollowed you back when you state that Hongkong is a country. i used to like ur show. i saw this video on Chinese media and I'm so disappointed

  • Edmund_C0lin

    Even China had lied about the cases in Wuhan, what's the relationship between Covid and moon landing? And actually, China is doing a great job on against the virus. It is a bad joke.

    • Waldorf Arya
      Waldorf Arya

      yes,it was not an appropriate time to make such a malicious joke... I have to admit that China's moon landing is of historic significance to the whole world. China deserves to be praised rather than maliciously attacked by this host.

    • David Liu
      David Liu

      It's true. That's truly a bad joke...

    • Kk K
      Kk K

      i was so sad he said that


    China has done great since the breakout, and it was the first to get rid of it. Maybe some local officers held the news for a week or so, but did you have to bite on that? It's unprecedented with mild in symptom, hard to decide. So to be fair, I can sense some jealousy fron Trevor's joke. Maybe it's merely joke, but as a person from Africa, Trevor should be more sensitive than "normal westerners". And I wish more western media could fairly appreciate China's effort. We are human as well.

    • Michael Chao
      Michael Chao

      Although some major media in China overreact to this episode, which seems quite narrow-minded, Trevor is definitely jealous. The Chinese Government was doing bad initially. But it is Trump that should be blamed for the unstoppable spread of the disease in the US. You worth a thumb up.

  • 曼查狂人

    The virus was not originally outbreak in China, China was the first country to report the virus. More and more evidence indicates that the virus was spreading BEFORE the first case reported in China. And China didn't lie about the numbers. 1:16 by saying that Trevor you really hurt the feeling of your Chinese fans.

  • Simon Sez
    Simon Sez

    Use these candles to summon Drakes ghost writers 👻

  • Mu Mu
    Mu Mu

    I am now in Wuhan, and our life has returned to normal for a few months.... what I can tell you for sure is that China does not lie about the just image for that....

  • Kerman James
    Kerman James

    If anybody lied about the pandemic it's America! China told the world about the pandemic in December! But, Americans were "too busy to listen". And now they want to turnit around and accuse China? HAVE SOME SHAME AMERICANS! If anything you were probably just jealous of China's moon landing

  • Prism

    The Moon doesn't reflect the sun's light! lol Can't believe even Trevor believes that conspiracy!

  • Nadine BF
    Nadine BF

    So does that mean that all people in jail on marijuana charges in the world will be released! Because it’s only fair.

  • 周馳浩

    Why even Trevor still thinking China is suffering in C-19?It was 10 months ago! Almost 1 year! It's nearly 2020 now, even CDPR is going to upload the 2077 cyberpunk game. Why we chinese need wait US finish the pandemic to move on? The only sample of lunar rock we got was given by the U.S. President during his 1972 visit weighed only 1 gram. 48 years later we want more sample from moon for Helium-3 clean nuclear fusion material research, do we need permission from the United States?

  • Dean Zhu
    Dean Zhu

    Used to love you and your show, now I just want to say, you are being jealous, really. I can smell your jealousy through my computer screen. You people don't get to judge China because you guys can't even stand with 1 month complete lockdown during the difficult time of the first outbreak of the COVID-19, now you have 10 million confirm cases, congratulations. Enjoy your COVID party, this BS will not stop if you guys keep having large gathering.

  • BananaPeal0

    Cheap queen. Gonna have her stuff sold to the tabloids. Maybe she's like other old people and still thinks 50 cents is a lot of money to give to children.

  • rocklesson86

    Ghanaian Jollof is best.

  • K Nu'man
    K Nu'man

    You are absolutely hilarious but so on point! Thanks again for making me laugh Trevor!

  • Moonflower Tarot
    Moonflower Tarot

    Well, at least The Crown is giving more publicity to the royals

  • Emmanuel Wachira
    Emmanuel Wachira

    Don't go to the studio ok 👌

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T

    Marijuana can single handedly save the economy!

  • Manley Scout
    Manley Scout

    Why don't you accuse the authorities of poor epidemic control? Have you been bought by the authorities? Are you diverting our attention! You will not be infected with the virus at ALL, because you will never come into contact with poor people like us! Get your ass back to your hometown in South Africa!

  • Dr Good
    Dr Good

    Wow you know about our Jollof Wars

  • Iconoclastix

    Please stop echoing the racist China COVID hate, Trevor. I'd like to think that you're better than that.

    • Michael Chao
      Michael Chao

      As a Chinese, I don't think the government was doing good at the beginning of the epidemic. We all hate it a lot. But isn't Trump should be blamed for the speedy spread of the disease in the US?

  • Bright Owusu
    Bright Owusu

    Shoutout from Ghana!

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba


  • john mattox
    john mattox

    overgrow overshare overcare overseed everywhere worldwide

  • Patrick Jenkins
    Patrick Jenkins

    "What is the (it) that Idris Elba can get" ?----(asks the Queen). 🤣

  • Max City
    Max City

    SO many gems in this clip...but the jollof war took me out!! 🤣😂🤣

  • Pat's Amazing Blends
    Pat's Amazing Blends

    😆😆😆😆 That last line!!! 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Nana Tutuwaa Sarfo
    Nana Tutuwaa Sarfo

    Trevor, be honest : No amount of weed will stop Ghanaians and Nigerians from arguing about Jollof 🤣

  • Keith Flagg
    Keith Flagg

    50k lol

  • Nizar Bhojani
    Nizar Bhojani

    Hahahha you are so good n funny!

  • Gloria.o. Umezurike
    Gloria.o. Umezurike

    From Gloria Oluchi umezurike to you Trevor Noah ,if you have choose not to reply my three times emails that i have sent you and as a celebrity you are ,what dose that teach others that are in future coming up to be a celebrity and to me it is very disturbing as a celebrity you are or maybe you hate me as a blacks woman , Also may be celebrities don't care about us there fans that falls in love with them and I do understand that your a black man but with a white attitude inside of you , But that doesn't mean that you haven't an idea of me and Also aware of my love for you that it is real and you choose to ignore it , It might seems to you as a game or joke but sometimes you have to understand that a natural true love never comes so easily, Trevor Noah I am in love with you and I don't care the embarrassment it will cost me because speaking my heart out there is not a shame to me, unlike all those out there that choses to bried there feelings for a celebrity , I chose not to because what i have for you is real and truth and I can't deny it , remember you can choose to break my heart by posting on line on your celebrity crush websites that your married with children in this 2020 that we are but forgotten that i will come across it and that hurts and break my heart , Despite for not replying my 3 times emails that i have sent to you with all the emails address i find in your website , Remember I'm a human being and a full grown woman with a pure human feelings towards you Trevor Noah and you have chosen to break my heart with out you recorganizing it , So please think about these things I have writen down if it wear you how will you feel about it and if you come across this kinds of issues in your programme how will you handle when it's a heart issues and as a breaker you are and what will be your answer towards all the people all over the world that has been in the same situation of celebrity heart breaks that is true love towards them ,Also I told you that i have written a book about you and me and your programme , Well if have chosen to kill me or hate me for this your wellcome.

  • Sunseri

    😩😩😩 I'm a day late 🤣 Treeeeevvoooorr I miss laughing soo hard

  • Ayoife Oni
    Ayoife Oni

    He had to mention the jollof wars between Naija & Ghana. It's only a war if the opposition stood a chance in the first place 🤣 #NaijaAllTheWay

  • Spike59

    Anyone else think of Rick and Morty at 2:43?

  • Steve Pellew
    Steve Pellew

    Seriously trev the Chinese are leaving there crapp on the moon... There's nothing to collect just leave the moon alone... Trump finds out he will have a wall built on the moon keeping imegrents out an seen the bill to the Martians... Steve comedy's

  • Whitney ONeal
    Whitney ONeal

    I love you Trevor. You are so talented to be able to successfully do this show from your apt. for most of the year 🦄❤️

  • Li Mingze
    Li Mingze

    “China lied” is a typical Goebbels move. Thousands of repetitions to spread a lie. Bravo fascist America!

  • Silverback Corpse Brigade
    Silverback Corpse Brigade

    I bet Drake’s candle costs less than Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candle.

  • Certain Person
    Certain Person

    Trevor is the funniest when he impersonates any random person while sitting at home.😄

  • ThePltsweet

    50k a year?!! In a high pressure environment? Fuck that.

  • Motse TCO
    Motse TCO

    That translator killed me😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cai MacCoinnich
    Cai MacCoinnich

    Jollof wars!!!!! As an African this is A+ comedy.

  • Tammy Rollins
    Tammy Rollins

    I think I'll stick to Yankee Candle.